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By AJ Quick

If you are just showing up to Ghostbusters Fans now, chances are you are looking to become a Ghostbuster for Halloween. You might be hoping to find a Proton Pack for $100, only to be disappointed to find that really nice Proton Packs cost thousands of dollars and take months to build. Don't worry though, here at Ghostbusters Fans we've got tons of great examples of last minute Proton Pack builds using household items and some simple parts from the hardware store. You might not be able to buy a great Proton Pack for $100, but you certainly can build one that looks good for Halloween, for much less than that.

Check out these past Proton Pack builds that use common materials that can all be made for under $100:

- KCGhostbuster's 3/4 Scale Proton Pack Build for Kids
- Gareee's Budget Halloween Proton Pack Ideas
- Bradster's Dollar Store Proton Pack
- Paul's Foam core Proton Pack Build

You will find that it doesn't take a lot of money to make a quick Proton Pack for Halloween. It might not be able to stand up against the Proton Packs that are made with fiberglass, resin and real parts, but it should definitely make your Halloween night a huge success. For those of you finishing a last minute Proton Pack, we've got a ton of great parts still available in the Ghostbusters Fans Shop. Time is running out, so get your orders in as soon as possible!
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By Gareee
"Our courteous and efficient staff is on call 24 hours a day to serve all your supernatural elimination equipment building needs."
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By Gareee
Just check youtube, and prepare to have yourself transfixed to the screen in disbelief.

...and their show was already renewed for a second year, at double the salary.
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By Chace
Gareee wrote:Just check youtube, and prepare to have yourself transfixed to the screen in disbelief.

...and their show was already renewed for a second year, at double the salary.

Here's my thing about Honey Boo Boo's salary...while I am not a fan of pretty much ANY "reality" show and especially theirs, they now make $20,000 dollars per episode....which seems like a lot......until you consider how large the family is and that Kim Kardashian alone makes $40,000 per episode, is already rich, and does not have multiple mouths to feed!

I completely agree that the show is garbage...but at least pay them a fair wage. While they are getting a lot compared to you and me, its still chump change compared to what they are bringing to the network.
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By Gareee
Oh Yeah, I agree they are being taken for a ride.. the network is making a killing on them.

But that said, if they've made $200,000 this last year alone, do they really need to dumpster dive anymore? They probably paid off thier house and then had $100,000 to live off of.
By Dr. Frankman

What you'll see on the link above is the ppack I built for my son last year. Tell me what you think! Built from misc junk items such as transformers casings, a baking pan, the board and most of the pack is made of masonite and wood, the tip of the wand also lits....Not screen accurate but pretty near....;)
By Dr. Frankman
Well thank you! Your pack is just awesome! Mine is less accurate than the one I build for my son...But people around don't even see it...They're just amazed to see how much work it represents. I plan to build a the real thing someday....These are the very first props I built along with the trap, My skills went better and better....It started as a Halloween project....Than I found Gbfans.....And never left....;)
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