The latest updates to the Ghostbusters Fans site.
By GBFans
We're bringing you the latest updates to the Ghostbusters Fans Shop. We've had a few changes in the past week and wanted to let you know!

Please note. We will be closed on April 15th. Orders can be placed, but will not ship until the following business day.

Here are the newest products, and products that have recently come back in stock:

Uniform: Leather Trap Holster - In Stock!


Blower: Bud Industries PBS-11327 Project Box - In Stock!


Pack: Clear Acrylic Tube with Frosting - In Stock!


If there are any items you need specifically, or want to be notified about, please add products to your wishlist. The wishlist can be found here:

You can also reply here with any questions!
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By NotSabbat
I have been on backorder since the beginning of February on my alice frame. I would like to cancel my order and be reimbursed please.

thank you
steve hoke
Pretty sure they don't charge until they are ready to send it. At least, they didn't with mine. The original confirmation email should say something about that.
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By spschmidt27615
Hello I also need to cancel my order. It is now not shipping until 3 weeks after I needed it for a convention.

Order 37227
Estimated Ship Date: Aug. 15, 2019 via USPS

I can't seem to create a new post so I added it here.



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