By DeLoreanDMC81
Hi gang, I'm new to the whole Slimer Blower build. I finally started to take on the project.

My question for everyone, do you know the proper green and gray colors for the 3 tanks for the proper screen accurate look?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


By JAnderson392
I used Rustoleum Gloss Fern for the side tanks. I think I was planning to use Rustoleum Smoke Gray for the main tank but I haven't gotten there yet to know how it looks.
By DeLoreanDMC81
Question for everyone, does anyone know the model number to the small green and amber lights.

I know gbfans has them in their store, but I was curious on what the model numbers are, or who makes them?

I just got to noticing they weren't included in the parts lists.



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