By druzzer
Hi all,

So, with these huge brass fittings being really weighty I wanted to 3D print these out. I have printed out my fittings and will provide anyone that wants the .STL files to print out. Thanks to IRRICANIAN for providing a list of the correct fitting ID's:

BST-6 (You need to print 5)
BST-6M (You need to print 1)
BST-N6M (You need to print 3)

I'm not doing this for cash or any profit, just to help out the community a little. Now these were spec'd and converted from the official Parker Fittings website, so the prints are based off their CAD modelling so they should be spot on. There is some work you need to do to them like sand down the quick connections in the female connectors so the pieces will fit, and I'm sure there's people out there that will figure out a way to connect these using magnets or bolts or something, but these are primarily for ascetic purposes, and will need to be configured for your use. Sand and finish as you see fit. I was printing at 60mm/s with an infill of 40% out of PLA (200 degrees extruder/ 65 degrees bed). Everyone's printer is different so print what is comfortable with you.

I'm not sure if I can upload files here, so for the time being just PM me and I'll send you the 3 files.

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