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By erfan1111
Hi there,

Where to begin, well lets see probably like most of you here I have been a long time GB fan ever since I laid eyes on the first film as a kid. I was immediately enamored with all of their lingo and equipment....especially their equipment lol. I instantly said wow I have to have one of those in my life! As I grew into an adult I continued my fascination with GB as well as many other films to the point where I started collecting high end replica props, some are actual screen used props from various films most of which I grew up on. I have been fortunate enough to meet Dan and Ernie in person gotten their devastated I will never get a chance to meet Harold. Fast forward when I saw Matty collector was going to produce GB props I was immediately thrilled and to date I own every prop they released and while they are nice they are drastically lacking for obvious reasons. For years I wanted a real deal proton pack and just never took the plunge as most of you here already know they are QUITE EXPENSIVE and my wife would kill me lol. Well recently I decided to say screw it and I purchased my high end Proton Pack and I am anxiously awaiting its arrival which should be in a few days! I never thought of doing a full on costumed version of a GB but I have a feeling once I throw this on my back that will very quickly change and I may look to join my local GB costuming group! I look forward to being part of this amazing community and eventually getting the parts I need to make a real trap to complete my collection!

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