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By mike_waclo
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Hey all,

I'm Mike... I've been on the boards here for a year or so, but I just noticed the "introductions" board, and though I should jump in.

I've been basically obsessed with the franchise since I saw the first film on VHS in '85 when I was six years old. My first "Pack Build" was a wooden rubber band gun hooked up to a school backpack with a dog leash... It got me by until the Kenner pack came out, anyway. That led to lots of home-made recreations of the original film on the old VHS camcorder with family and friends.

In 2015, my cousin Andy wrote the "Easy, Accurate Costume" article for Primer Magazine, and I decided it was time to get a "real" costume going in time for Halloween that year. It was a fun way to get started, and I've already pieced together a complete second uniform, just through making subtle part upgrades along the way... Better boots, belt gizmo, elbow pads, leg hose, etc.

Flashforward a few years, and now I'm getting ready to start assembling my ANOVOS pack kit. Still torn between a few electronics kit options at the moment.

Glad to be here... I've learned a lot from these boards already!

(Original 2015 iteration of jumpsuit)

(2017 updates to elbow pads, gizmo, boots, and ALICE-mounted Spirit pack)

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