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By Etigo
I'm Etigo and I live near Paris.

I'm a Ghostbusters fan since 1991. I wanted a proton pack toy from Kenner, but my mom didn't.

A few years ago, I discovered that it was possible to build our own proton pack, but I didn't think about creating mine because it takes lots of time and some money too.
I just changed my mind about 2 weeks before halloween 2011. But 2 weeks was too short for making this.
So my goal is to create my own pack before the next halloween.

And that's how and why I discovered this website...

I just got my khaki and black suits with belts and boots.

I'll try to upload some pics...

C ya.


Sorry for my english...
By dmolson89
Welcome aboard!!
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By Etigo
Thanks Guys.
By the way my uniforms are almost done.
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By Etigo
With six years late, Thank you, Fritz!!! :-P

Not everything/one needs to be connected, imo.

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