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By Braz
Hey everyone! I'm from Brazil, but I've lived in Cambridge, Mass. during a good part of my childhood. Nowadays, I usually visit family in NJ every summer.

So I found GBFANS by searching info on Proton Packs. Thanks to the creativity and skills of many prop builders, there are a lot of packs out there. Which made me want to make one too. Unfortunately, after getting to know the complexity of building one, I had to take a step back. Especially when it comes down to the lights and sounds. I will probably buy one of the Anovos kits just to get my feet wet.

After coming to terms with the fact that building a proton pack isn't that easy, I had an idea of having an annual Proton Pack Build Workshop, for members who don't have one yet. I layed down my idea here:


As fellow member bishopdonmiguel pointed out, the logistics would be a challenge. But it would be fantastic if it ever happened.
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By Braz
CPU64 wrote:Welcome / Ben Vindo!
I'm from here, but lived in Brasilia during a good part of my childhood, and​ built my first pack there, around 86/87, I think :D

Cool! I live in Brasilia right now!
I lived here during different times of my life. I left Brasilia to go to college in Rio in '87.
You made a pack here? How did you get the parts?
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By CPU64
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There were no parts, I made everything out of cardboard. And only reference I had were the cover of the LP, about 4 pictures I took of the Ghostbusters walking at universal studios an the cartoon that was on TV at the time. So it was a mix of both style packs.

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