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By Diadem
Is the atomic weight of cobalt 58.9?

Now that I've gotten that out of my system, hey. I'm Brian, 34, married and I try to be the "cool dad" for our 3 boys (11, 8 and 4). Each Halloween we try to do a theme. Star Wars has been our go-to a few times now, this year included. Next year we're gonna bust some ghosts. So, I'm starting a year earlier to make sure we do it right.

I'm going to start constructing a pretty close to screen accurate costume for myself. I am going to suffice for a modded Spirit Halloween proton pack, though. I applaud the folks who do the perfect 1:1 packs, but that would break the bank, several times over for what's going to be just a Halloween costume (and maybe a con or 2 here and there). I do plan to mount the pack onto a real ALICE frame/straps, replace the rainbow ribbon with a more accurate one, then repaint and weather it.

I found this forum while researching online how to construct a screen accurate costume. It looks like a treasure trove of resources. Excuse me while I do some scouring! Thanks for having me around. -Brian
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By Diadem
Thanks for the welcome, guys!

Small update: I went to Spirit yesterday and got my pack! $56 with a coupon. Next comes getting an ALICE frame for it, and I found the right ribbon cable on eBay. This will suffice for Halloween, but I think I'm getting the GB bug and may have to start a loooong project of putting together a 1:1 in the future.

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