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By 8bitGamer1984
Hi my name is <Redacted> and I live in <Redacted>. Protects I want to do are 1. A P.K.E Meter that actually Detects Ions and free electrons in the air
2. Paragoggles that see into the Infrared spectrum
3. A sniffer that looks for natural gas and signs of ionization
4. Giga meter with a PIN photodiode array to detect ionization energies

Other than that maybe that machine that they use to detect Vigo's Spirit in the painting
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By Omonster
Hello there and welcome!

Some of those ideas are actually what I also had in mind. If you’re really serious about making actual functioning equipment then I would suggest checking out YouTube tutorials or the Ghostbusters Discord.

I have actually posted the links to those videos that may help implement functionality to those Ghostbusters props in the Ghostbusters Discord.

My thought was to handcraft an emf detector with a PKE meter aesthetic. The Paragoggles utilize a nightvision by using inferred leds which can be found in tv remotes. I wish you the best of luck and I hope to see more of your work. :)
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