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By modern homie

I'm a 34 year old long time Ghostbusters fan. As a kid I remember GB themed birthday parties, Real GB toy dominating Christmases, and endless mornings watching the movies and cartoons. The thing is, it never really stopped. I remember my parents selling my GB toys at garage sales only to have me rebuying them in middle school and high school as I wanted them for display. In college I proudly displayed them on my bookshelf next to my collection of DVDs.

Fast forward to now. After many years my wife FINALLY, albeit reluctantly, agreed to let me hang up GB artwork in our kitchen (I got the limited Mondo release green print recently). The action figures are in storage but I have a five month old son that I can't wait to share them with. Even more exciting is GB2020. I am thrilled he gets to grow up with the franchise I've loved as long as I can remember.

I found this place recently through the documentary 'Ghostheads.' My wife came in while I was watching it and said "Oh my god, I married a nerd." I don't own any cosplay stuff and only have one GB shirt but everyone who knows me knows in an alternate universe I'd be a Ghostbuster.

:boogieman: <---- BTW, this guy is still the scariest thing in the world to me.

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