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By fusi0n
Hi All,

Been waiting for the old forums to come back, but I guess they never did.

I am not sure if some will remember me, I did a Ghostbusters 3 logo, and wrote a quick plot summary for my version of a Ghostbusters 3. I mostly just do a lot of reading and lurking, and whilst I don't have the GB knowledge like folks such as Kingpin, I do like to pop in on posts every now and then and give my little bit.

I am really excited now that Jason Reitman announced a Ghostbusters 3, plus there is also a special 80s theme happening in Rocket League, and you can buy the Ecto-1 and other GB related things. (Yes, I'm an avid gamer)

I've seen some RGB figures that have been released, and also am keenly eyeing off the Ecto-Tron Transformer. Things are finally looking fantastic for ghostbuster fans :)

Oh, and to this day I still haven't seen the Ghostbusters remake. No, not because I'm a sexist/masochist, it's because I don't like the director, Melissa McCarthy and the style of humour (that I knew would be in it). I loved having Kylie in EGB, and Janine being a GB in the cartoon, plus I write a graphic novel about a female superhero.

Well, sorry to babble a bit. Hope to try and make it back a bit more regularly.

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