Post pics of work in progress or to your fan art here on Ghostbusters Fans.
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By Derrico13
I originally planned this piece to be with Real Ghostbusters villains, with the Boogeyman being centerstage. The idea turned into a GB movie themed one instead as I worked on it, and this is the crossroads I came to between Boogie Nights and Ghostbusters. I put it together digitally, my next step is to transfer it to canvas and paint it. I'll probably do a full Ghostbusters version as well at some point, just because.


By xoxLettermanxox
lol this made me laugh XD
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By jros3484
You guys ever see the hustler gb porn? Lol.
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By joeghostbuster
there are 2 porn parodies... one that is all girl, starring Gianna Michaels (the lead of the 3 girl busters) and Shyla Stylez (as Zuul) I believe it's called "Nutbusters" and more recently "This Aint Ghostbusters XXX" (I think thats what its called) that is more famous with alot more money involved for special effects and props, using male porn actors for the busters, with female supporting roles for "Jennifer" and Dana etc
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By Derrico13
Hey D13!

Glad to see you're still around mashing things up. Janine makes a great Roller Girl. :-D
Ha! This thread is over a year old- I saw the email saying somebody replied. I am still around, just lurking more so than contributing.....for now.....
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By PinkGloom
I am both disturbed and aroused.
That sums up my thoughts too.
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By aliencatx
I dont know what to think right now, my scared by Stay puff

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