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By llglennll
Two great tastes that taste great together!

It's been ages since I've been on here, but I recently got into some lego building with my kids, and decided to make some Ghostbusters. Naturally, anything worth doing, is worth over-doing, so I made custom decals as well.

Thought you guys might dig it :)



more here on my Flickr:
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By Mereel
VERY cool! I'm a big Lego fan, and these really do look top notch. I've seen custom GB minifigures on eBay before, but these look to be very weel designed and the Containment Unit playset is just TOO COOL! I know it's never likely to happen, but I'd love it if Lego put out anything close to that playset!

Great work, any thoughts on doing a Lego Ecto-1?
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By Josh Foote
Where did you get the awesome lego bodies and such?
By llglennll
Thanks guys! They were fun to make :)

Josh - I ordered all the parts I needed for the bodies from Bricklink, which is like eBay for Lego parts. Then I had custom die-cut stickers made for the torso and signage.
By llglennll
The bodies are just Light gray legs and Torsos. You can even order them direct from Lego's Pick a Brick service, although they may be more expensive.

Finding all the parts I used on bricklink would take awhile honestly. Haha, it takes some time to acclimate to that site, there are A LOT of different lego bricks.

If you're just wanting to get a squad of minifigs I have a couple sets of the full crew (minus the playset) that I'll be unloading on eBay in a few days.
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By Josh Foote
thats the reason I dont like that website - there's too much to sort through :D
It just makes me want to buy some Legos.
By walsh_Fever
That is pretty cool. Nice work dude! Ever thought of making the Marshmallow Man or Slimer?
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By lordgilpin
I'm digging your guys... Any chance you have any spare decals for sale? I'd love to make some grey suits... =)
By Ecto39
This setup is exactly what I am looking for to sit on my desk. I am going to use a mini figure to hold my phone charging cord. Do you have a parts list for the containment unit/walls/signs? I already have the figures.

Does anyone else have similar setups?


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