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By Sergio512
I'll present you, my custom Lego Ghostbusters HQ.

The news about the Lego GB Ecto-1 have put me in a extreme euphoria.

I thought to myself, why not built the appropriate HQ for my collection... With permission from Dr Dave W. (he let me inspire from some pictures of his own built) 6 days later I had the model ready.

I decided to built a hybrid between GB1 & GB2 and add more extras and details, lights, sound and other stuff. The official lego Ecto-1 will also be equipped with lights and sound.
The height of the building was adapted to the existing Lego Creator sets (Cinema, restaurants), so it fits.

Here is a first 3D rendered preview of the HQ


And her a screenshot from the LDD


The parts to built the HQ were ordered already worldwide at over 12 shops, currently I'm waiting for the delivery.
More pics and infos about the building process will follow.
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By Sergio512
The second Batch from the USA, Canada & Budapest has arrived.
The current status is as follows:

received parts: Lots: 85 - Parts: 1984
missing parts: Lots: 115 - Parts: 1483

Total Parts: Lots: 200 - Parts: 3467

I have not even told that the Floors(levels) are removable. Therefore, you had many freedoms for the interior and everything is easily accessible. I have already started the built concepts of various accessories and furniture.

I've thought about that yet, if there is enough interest I will share my LDD File (build-plans) so other fans can build this GB-HQ.

Second Batch

The traps are equipped with stickers and a string. - The cabinets must be revised and cannot be built that way.

SUPER excited to see how this one will turn out! YAY!
Me too ;) I just hope everything works as I imagine it...
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By Sergio512
Hi ;)

The parts have not been sent by the suppliers, so they are not lost... I hope the parts arrive later this week.
The LEDs & electronics are also not yet arrived.

I can barely wait... :)
I'll keep you up to date.

missing parts: Lots: 115 - Parts: 1483
what is being done about the missing parts?? They sending you replacements?
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By Letmebleed75
Why arent we funding this?!?
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By Sergio512
Thanks guys,

I am going to share the LLD file (maybe for free or for a symbolic $1? I dont know yet...), but first i must do some improvements, there were 2-3 problems which have only been found during construction, the solution is ready. Only needs to be integrated into the LLD Construction plans.

I have spent around $ 800 for everything. But there are cheaper options, I have chosen a very rare color for the upper walls, you are free to make chances or do some more improvements...

You have to be patient for a little bit, since I'm leaving tomorrow on vacation and i'm back in a week. :)

Thanks again for the feedbacks.

Next i will design the interiors

Yes! How can I get one of these?
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By Sergio512
jap but I have to say that I had pretty high shipping and import costs to switzerland. I think if you can get all parts from a shop in the USA and you life there, then it will be a lot less.

Now I'm going to put too my prio on a pack and then on the interior of the HQ... The GB-fever has got me again ;)
$800 US? Holy smokers! Pack first then. Then a fire house. But still super awesome!
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By Sergio512
Thanks ;) a little update, I have submit the project to lego cuusoo, because they can minimize the build costs.

I think lego cuusoo can do some improvements there to make it cheaper, well see... If the project have not success i will share the file anyway...

You have to be patient for a little bit and stay tuned.
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By Kingpin
I vaguely recall something about LEGO revising it's Cuusoo guidelines, where they added a restriction stating that any submitted projects are stand-alone, and not part of an intended series.

I had a quick look for a more informative article, but didn't have much look. It probably means that although they approved the Ghostbusters figures/Ecto-1 model, it doesn't mean they'd necessarily approve the Firehouse set.
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By Sergio512
Wow, Thanks for the feedbacks.
Yep, everything is known to me. an attempt was worth it ;).

You will get my LLD File with the improvements anyway ;) Just please be a little patient, as soon as I get back home on next monday.
I start the work on this. I will not let you wait any longer.
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By Sergio512
Please support the Project - go and vote - we must fight ;):

The project was approved on Lego Cuusoo, even if it is not done later we show lego that we want more from the Ghostbusters franchise, I would be very happy if we reach the target of supporters. so we put a sign. Thanks for your vote!
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By Sergio512
Thanks :)
Once I've made the improvements, I'm going to put both online with more tips&tricks to recreate it.

Great job Sergio! I know you wanted to wait to post the LLD file but is there any chance you would be willing to post just the parts list?
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