Post pics of work in progress or to your fan art here on Ghostbusters Fans.
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By One time
Loading pictures is a pain in the ass .. but i'm happy share my art.. Janine was just finished today and the last one is part of a series of horror hotrods
Haha :)

That's from the haunted brassiere episode right!? Where slimer gets possessed by the ghost of Ron Jeremy and keeps animating Janine's brassieres so they keep flying off. You can see it in his lecherous little glare.

But the Ghostbusters saved the day by covering her bosom in positively charged mood slime though. I keep forgetting what season that episode was.

PS: love the logo. I can place all the ghosts apart from the oned eyed one. Which was that?
By ravencrow
honestly they weren't any ghosts i just needed a background .. so if your seeing anything that's one for you .. i had a lot of fun doing this but it took over a year to finish it because i procrastinated when it came to drawing the pack and then figuring how to colour everything.. but it turned out well.. if there are any sketches or commissions you might like in the future please let me know
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By One time
My personal holy grail in GB related art is an alternate history "what if" scenario with Aykroyds first Ghost Smashers script.

The Ghostbusters 1984 movie we love, came from the mind of Dan Aykroyd.

But that movie was a castrated version of what he initially imagined. Costs, production scales, even lighting and special effects played a part in piecemeal chopping up his original vision into (the still awesome) movie that we got.

I'd love to venture into an uninhibited yet stylistically mature (i.e. finished) version of his original concept.

Like the car. It was made white because of technical limitations in shooting his original concept at night. He wanted a black car with purple and UV blacklight lamps. A far weirder and more out there look than the (relatively straightforward) emergency services vehicle we actually got.

Also the brand was not originally supposed to be a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor but a 1975 Cadillac Superior.

The proton packs were also different, etc. as seen in the storyboards.

I'd love some art that showcases what we would have seen had Aykroyd's imagination not been limited during production. Possibly a finishing off of the cruder versions of what we know today of his original ideas if they had been allowed to run their course unchecked during development of Gb '84.
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By One time
I can give this a shot .. it'll be done on 11/17... $200 for the commission and i will require 1/2 up front u can email transfer me if your still interested..
Sorry, I thought you were doing these for fun. I'm not interested in commissioning art at the moment.
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By adamsands
Loading pictures is a pain in the ass .. but i'm happy share my art.. Janine was just finished today and the last one is part of a series of horror hotrods

nicely done! great work of art :)
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By GalmOne
Now that's great artwork, and I can understand hexmania's suffering: I've bought a graphic tablet 2 years ago, fought against it to learn how to use it again and again, and lost every single time... Congrats for mastering that beast so well that you can produce such great things with it!
By ravencrow
i only colour digitally i'm a pen and paper guy when it comes to the ink and pencil.. and i'm still learning to colour .. i'm not great at it .. but i'm getting there .. MainAlice .. it looks good keep practicing and you can only get better

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