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By Fritz
Fritz I've read your story on their wedding. Excellent job and maybe you should write a story on the birth of Eric Stantz.
Thanks for reading, Farah. Yeah, I really should tell that story... :wink:

Note to Everyone Else:
Farah is the writer of a number of stories where Ray married Elaine Fuhrman, and had two kids. It was from her stories that I took the name of my Elaine's adopted kids, CJ and Jules. With her permission, of course. :)
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By Fritz
Ghostbusters: Love Songs--Blessed
July 26, 1996--Timeline Year Fourteen
First Ray and Liz were rivals. Then they were allies. Then they were friends. Then they were lovers. A year ago they became spouses. Now a new challenge awaits them, as Ray and Liz become parents.
This is the final chapter of "Love Songs". I hope it's a satisfying end; in addition to the events that are obvious from the description, there's also the clearing up of a small mystery concerning Liz that's been lingering every since her "present day" debut in "Chronicles of Gozer".
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Can I ask where you got the flightsuit?


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