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By Fritz
Back in early 2003, Andy Harness came on GBN with an idea he called "Legends of Ghostbusters". Out of that idea, a new fan fic-based franchise was born. Vincent Belmont suggested the franchise be based in LA, because there weren't any franchises there; Ludicris came on boad as CEO, and GBN members such as Kyle Stevens, egon901, Proton User, "Ray Parker Jr.", Peter Kong, and Chadderbox joined up. Then they made their real mistake, and asked some guy called "Veedramon" to join the crew.

Five years later, the Ghostbusters West Coast Division is still going strong, and putting out fan fics:

Latest story (This will be updated as required):
October 31, 2014:
One Froggy Halloween
By Fritz Baugh

As with my fan fic thread, links to GBWC stories will be posted a few at a time every day or so until we get caught up.

So now, let's go back to 2003, and see where it all started...

Opening Night Part One
By Fritz Baugh

April 2003--Timeline Year Twenty-One
The premeire of a new Disney movie is not usually a cause for terror. But tonight's a little different. A monster is on the loose and he's pissed. Who ya gonna call?
If only. They're three thousand miles away...

Opening Night Part Two
By Fritz Baugh

The saga continues! It's Peter Venkman and Joey Williams versus the Ravisher, armed only with their wits!

Opening Night Part Three
By Kyle Stevens, with RazorsEdge and Fritz Baugh

The wounded Jon Dennison is taken to Steven Point Hospital, where a young doctor tries to save his life. Too bad the Ravisher has other plans...

Opening Night Part Four
By Fritz Baugh

It's time for a recruitment drive, and you won't believe the characters that get chosen to be the new West Coast Ghostbusters. You really won't believe some of the ones who didn't make the cut!

Opening Night Part Five
By Ludicris and Ron Daniels

The Ghostbusters West Coast go into the field at last; it's a showdown with the Ravisher, but this time the there's particle throwers involved. And who is the surprise new member of the GBWC?
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By Fritz
The Hanging Tree
by Ludicris

May 2003--Timeline Year Twenty One
Just another fun day at the office for the North Division. Graveyards, zombies, lots of things blowing up.
Russian Roulette
by Otter

June 2003--Timeline Year Twenty One
Joey and Fritz run into a strange old man (and we mean "run into" literally). But he's an eccentric old genius who may be sticking around for a while...

This story introduce Otter, our strange engineer. The guy who created him hasn't logged into the boards in three or four years, but we kept the character around because he's fun to drag out for gags every once in a while.
FGB fan Peter Kong wrote the next story. We don't exactly emphasize the fact that GBOT fan fic continuity includes the bare bones of the FGB story, but with something an awful lot like Ghost Gummers showing up in the new video game, maybe the guys at Filmation were onto more than any of us thought...

The Reunion, Part One
by Peter Kong

June 2003--Timeline Year Twenty One
Peter Kong's Dad, former Ghost Buster Jake Kong, comes to visit. But what bad news is he bringing? And why does the ghost committing a stickup look familiar to Peter? And will Tracy the gorilla get to drive ECTO-1S?

The Reunion, Part Two

Peter Kong is trapped by the Ghost Father, and the other Ghostbusters are trying to find him. Has Jack Kong, Peter's brother, really gone over to the "dark side"?

This story, sadly, was never completed. We can assume that the Kongs and the GBWC survive, of course, but the final fate of Peter Kong's brother is one only he knows.
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By Fritz
Post Mortem Kombat, Part One
by RazorsEdge

July 2003--Timeline Year Twenty One
The LAPD drops off a guy who's being hunted by a ghost--in a bright yellow ninja costume?

Post Mortem Kombat, Part Two

It's the final showdown between the GBWC, Sub-Zero, and The Scorpion. Will Jeff and Otter's new invention, the Neutrona Saber, turn the tide of battle?

Jeff's meeting with Sub Zero will have some major significance later. And the neutrona saber has proven to be a somewhat popular invention; it will pop up again in later stories.
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By Fritz
Bugbear's Revenge
by Kyle Stevens

November 2003--Timeline Year Twenty One
A bugbear was a released from his dorment place by a storm and is seeking revenge on the children of L.A.--including Chelsea Aberdeen's little brother, Scotty! So it's up to the GBWC South Team to put a stop to the bugbear.

Wolves of the Campground
by Kyle Stevens

December 2003--Timeline Year Twenty One
The King of Pop has another secret, one not involving little boys: he's a werewolf?!?!
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By Fritz
Strange Patterns: A Bloodrayne Crossover
by Kyle Stevens

January 2004--Timeline Year Twenty Two
A typical bust at a vampire-infested nightclub leads to much bigger problems: will the South Team have to ally with the vampire named Rayne to stop a cult of undead German necromancers?
Food For Thought, Part One
by RazorsEdge

April 2004--Timeline Year Twenty Two
Jeff, Chad, and Robert have to fight a couple of amoral escapees from an old video game. But something darker is lurking on the horizon...

Food For Thought, Part Two

The mystery deepens as a figure from Jeff's past makes his return. And he's very, very not the same as Jeff remembers...

Food For Thought, Part Three

Jeff gets another visitor from the past, this time one with far less sinister intent, as he and Fritz have to confont the crazed Professor Leon

Sadly, this story is as of yet uncompleted.
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By Fritz
Love Sucks
By Fritz Baugh

February 2004--Timeline Year Twenty Two
A day at the beach turns out to not be a day at the beach for Robert Griffiths, who finds himself wrapped in the machinations of a woman named Isabel. And her intentions may not be good...
What? Something's In the Sea, You Say? Part One
By Kyle Stevens

March 2004--Timeline Year Twenty Two
After a night hanging out with Vince MacMahon and the WWE, the Ghostbusters have a new problem: Jenny Hanivers. And it's not one of Joey's old dates, either--they're sea monsters!

What? Something's In the Sea, You Say? Part Two

The Jenny Haniver proves it is definitely not a fun date. But Dr. Stevens has a risky plan to defeat the creature...
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By Fritz
Curtain Call, Part One
By Fritz Baugh

April 2004--Timeline Year Twenty Two
The Ravisher strikes again, and two Ghostbusters are helpless to stop him. Then a rainy evening gets weirder...as a pyramid appears in Central LA.

Curtain Call, Part Two

The West Coast Ghostbusters and Venkman enter the pyramid, and are forced to divide into three smaller teams to battle the Ravisher and the Geistimanns.

Curtain Call, Part Three

The final showdown with the Ravisher and his master, Lord Atrocity. LaLlarona's prophesy is coming true...the brutal plan of the God of Death moves forward...and stopping it may require one man to make the ultimate sacrifice...

By Fritz Baugh and Jeremy Hicks

May 2004--Timeline Year Twenty Two
The Ghostbusters have mourned the loss of one of their own, the resignation of their most experience member, and the addition of two new members to replace them. But now, something dark begins to surface in the mind of Jeremy Hicks...
"Curtain Call" was the culmination of "Season 1" of the GBWC, wrapping up most of the storylines that had begun in "Opening Night". "Intermission" serves as both an epilog to "Curtain Call" and the Prolog to "Chronicles of Gozer" (which is detailed in it's own seperate thread)
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By CJay
I've always wondered Fritzy if John Lipsyte's ethereal presence makes him the Patron Saint of Ghostbusters, kinda like Barry Allen?
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By Fritz
Act Two, Part One
By Fritz Baugh

January 2005--Timeline Year Twenty Three
The Ghostbusters West Coast are back and all brand new. After the trials of the last year, a smaller but more determined team comes together as a monster is stealing eyeballs all over LA.

Act Two, Part Two

The mysterious ninja takes on Calcent the Eye Collector, but even he can't stop the bloodthirsty fiend. How are the Ghostbusters going to stop this opponent when the standard procedure is useless? Plus, another new face appears in GBCentral West, one that gets a reaction out of Otter

This story begins the "Second Season" in earnest. There's some big changes from where we left the GBWC at the end of "Curtain Call" and "Intermission"--and upcoming stories will eventually fill in most of the gaps
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By Fritz
The Path of Rage
By Kyle Stevens

July 2004--Timeline Year Twenty Two
Werewolves a lot nastier than Micheal Jackson ever was are appearing in Central LA. But some of them are good guys...and some are attempting to summon a horrific servant of the Wyrm...

This one takes place before all the changes seen in "Act Two". It draws from the mythology of White Wolf Games' original World of Darkness; I use a lot of stuff from Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, and Ars Magica (which technically isn't White Wolf anymore, but was more or less part of the WoD1 backstory) in the GBOT continuity myself, so this worked out pretty well.
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By Fritz
Ghostbusters International: Con-Fusion
By Fritz Baugh, with Vincent Belmont, Kevin Kemarly, and Greg Justis

August 20, 2005. Timeline Year Twenty Three
GenCon is the world's largest gaming convention, and just happens to be held in Fritz Baugh's old home town. But he, Vincent Belmont, Kevin Kemarly, and Greg Justis are in for more than they bargained for, and I'm not just talking about being insulted by Adam Sessler...

This was inspired by real events; Vincent and I really did attend GenCon 2005, and met Kevin Kemarly, Greg Justis, the Louisville Ghostbusters, the Indiana Ghostbusters, and each other there. While the ghost incident is made up, Vincent really did get made fun of by Adam Sessler on X-Play
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By Fritz
Where in the World Is Chelsea Aberdeen? Part One
By Fritz Baugh

September 2004--Timeline Year Twenty Two
The GBWC has fallen apart, and Fritz Baugh is not far behind--the love of his life has vanished, leaving only mystery and confusion in her wake. Will the help of Vincent Belmont, Bo Holbrook, and Jen Spengler be enough to help him find her--and pull himself from the brink of dispair?

Where in the World Is Chelsea Aberdeen? Part Two

A chance discovery by Jen Spengler leads the investigation into a new direction that bears fruit. As Fritz investigates a run down amusement park with Bo Holbrook, Jen and Vincent Belmont confront Chelsea Aberdeen's aunt Dorothy--and make more than one shocking discovery.

Where in the World Is Chelsea Aberdeen? Part Three

The truth behind Chelsea Aberdeen's disappearance is revealed, as Vincent uncovers the tale of Fergus Aberdeen, Danise MacDuff, and Lucindra Williams. A tale that binds Chelsea, her aunt Dorothy, and the cursed hybrids of Toad Island together.

Where in the World Is Chelsea Aberdeen? Part Four

The harrowing conclusion. The Ghostbusters have infiltrated the Deep One's caves. Bo Holbrook has a violent confrontation with Arvis. Fritz Baugh finds Chelsea Aberdeen...but after coming across a continent to find her, is this meeting going to be their last?


He saved Chelsea...but Fritz lies on the brink of death as his friends, teammates, family, and the woman he loves stand helplessly by. Whatever the outcome....the Ghostbusters West Coast will never be the same.

This story was born out of former GBWC CEO Ludicris (Joey Williams') idea to have everyone do a story spotlighting their character and exploring their backstories. I'd been slowly percolating the Fritz/Chelsea romance in stories such as "Mummy Dearest", and the thought of putting it in the center of the story seemed a natural. She would disappear, and a witch named Lucindra would be behind it. Fritz would go nuts trying to find her, and have to journey accross the country to do so, including a visit to his home town of Indianapolis. I vaguely thought, at the time, Leon Hogan would probably be with him (due to their own backstory established in "Home Turf"). I even decided to title the story "Where In The World Is Chelsea Aberdeen?", as a swipe of the "Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?" series popular in the 1990's.

Between real life events, Ludicris's resignation from the team, and the decision to revamp the status quo for "Act Two", it evolved into one of the key stories explaining the transition from the status quo c. "Chronicles of Gozer" to "Act Two".
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By Fritz
Thanks. It's been so tough to get comments lately, every one helps.

Now to break the pattern a ltitle bit. It's actually a brand new story released just today, but takes place right after "Act Two":

Soul of the Samurai
By Jeremy Hicks

February 2005--Timeline Year Twenty Three
Jeremy Hicks is acting stranger than usual. Is it because of the unexpected appearance of someone from his past...or is something darker at work on him (again)?

That one's actually been done for a couple of years, but I couldn't release it until "Chronicles of Gozer" was out, because it would contain a major spoiler in regards to the outcome. Glad to finally be putting this out there.
By jason k
Ah, well then tell her to get her butt over here so I can ask her :vinzclortho:
A lass , her like a lot of others hardly ever post any more .
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By Fritz
Jeremy signed into the GBWC forum just this morning, but didn't post anything. So I really don't know...

Anyway, today's reruns. Not technically a GBWC story, but Jeff and Fritz appear in it extensively:

Ghostbusters Nightsquad: All Hell Breaks Loose, Part One
By Bo Holbrook, Ben King, and Fritz Baugh

September 2003--Timeline Year Twenty One
It seems like just another day for the members of Ghostbusters Nightsquad. The original Ghostbusters are out of town, and a few small jobs keep things from getting too dull.
But in the shadows, a sinister plot is being hatched...a plot that will change the team forever...
Guest stars Jeff Chrismer, Vincent Belmont, and Fritz Baugh.

Ghostbusters Nightsquad: All Hell Breaks Loose, Part Two

Catastrophe!!! The Extreme Ghostbusters defeated!!! Nightsquad's worst enemy has taken over Central Park!!! And Nightsquad can't do anything about it, because they're in jail!!!

Ghostbusters Nightsquad: All Hell Breaks Loose, Part Three

As if the Blair Witch wasn't enough...the cult's plot has drawn in another familiar face, one that had nearly defeated the original Ghostbusters more than once. Will Nightsquad, even with the help of Vincent Belmont, Jeff Chrismer, Fritz Baugh, and Roland Jackson, have a chance in hell against them?!

Ghostbusters Nightsquad: All Hell Breaks Loose, Part Four

It's the final showdown between Nightsquad, their allies, and the Hain Witch. The fate of the world is at stake (again), and even if the Ghostbusters are victorious they will pay a price in dearest blood...

Ghostbusters Nightsquad: Aftermath
By Bo Holbrook and Fritz Baugh

October 2003--Timeline Year Twenty-One
One week ago, the Hain Witch destroyed his headquarters and killed two of his friends. Now, the drunken wreck who was once Bo Holbrook is confronted with the chance to rebuild--problem is, he's not sure it's worth it.
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By CJay
A tale of times past. Most excellent.

The thing I always wondered about this one was whether or not it was an in-continuity remake of the earlier "Welcome To Burkittsville" , but until I read it, it actually refers to the Blair Witch pretty extensively.

Nice epilogue for the original (and in my opinion classic) lineup of Nightsquad. I still get kinda misty-eyed when I read about the fates of the members because it was handled so well.
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By Fritz
Ghost Of A Chance, Part One
By Afterlife Of The Party

July 2006--Timeline Year Twenty Four
The most unlikely spot in Los Angeles is haunted: Ghostbusters Central West!!! Who is this ghost? What does she want? Is she a foe...or the most unlikely ally of all?

Ghost Of A Chance, Part Two

As the Ghostbusters and their newest staff member adjust to their new arrangement, somebody's throwing fireballs at the Disney Concert Hall. Does this problem have some connection to the team's new Spirit Liason?

I will warn you now that this story isn't completed yet. Rachel keeps saying she will, though.
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By Fritz
Union of the Snake
By Fritz Baugh

June 2005--Timeline Year Twenty Three
Oscar Wallance is in LA, where he spent part of his childhood...but Peter Venkman's stepson isn't going to be able to lounge at the beach...someone is looking for the young man once coveted by Vigo the Carpathian...

Kingpin did a story called "Syren Call" which ended with Oscar going to LA. I knew I would have to use that, and I did. This story also borrowed (with his permission, of course0 a few elements of one of Cliff Roswell's now-Apocryphal Nightsquad stories.
Word To Your Mummy
By Fritz Baugh

August 2006--Timeline Year Twenty Four
As one of the luminaries of Ghostbusters International visits LA to investigate the mystery of Rachel Leavenworth, some creep with a sword is after MC Pharoah and Zagnut. Plus some lighter news from Fritz and Chelsea.
Flipped Out
By Fritz Baugh

October 31, 2006--Timeline Year Twenty Four
It's Halloween and something extra weird is going on...as our heroes are confronted with a team of opponents who are both shockingly wierd and very familiar. Not the least of them, a woman named Ellie...

If the title doesn't tip you off as to what this story involves...

And be on the lookout for more of the story in "Pandora's Box" and the upcoming "Flip Side War"

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