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By AJ Quick
That interview was really cool actually!

I never even really thought of those guys.. but they were there wearing the Proton Packs and everything just like the other actors. So it's pretty cool to see Tom wearing one at the end.. you guys rock!

More shorts!!
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By Zack
Very cool indeed! I wonder, he probably never had to wear one of the heavier ones right? I'm thinking now and can't think of many real stunts in GB2 for them. I'm thinking where Vigo blasts them down to the floor. Not too sure. They did all the harness stuff themselves if I remember right? Someone post if you know more.

There's that one great shot in GB when the ground falls through it's pretty obvious they're all doubles. I'd love to see a screencap of that one. :lol:
By Austin
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When he came over to our table and saw the packs, he commented on how his never looked that good so I'm guessing he never wore a hero.

As far as GB2 stunts go, I think you're right about the Vigo stunt being the only one. I've never watched very closely, but all of their faces are toward the camera when it happens, so it probably was them.
By RavenEffect
I love that YouTube channel! I am already subscribed. As you may have seen, I have YouTube videos too. Anyway, your Stay Puft commercial was one of my favorite. I actually have that one on my favorites list.
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By Mjollnir
Great jobs so far guys. Love your parodies. Look forward to new videos.
By Austin
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Great for viewing while enjoying a beer in the nude.
When GBTV - The Complete First Season comes out on DVD, that's the quote I'm putting on the cover.
By Ryusui
Ahhh, that was just seven different types of awesome. "I read it, it was on the web! It was grey."
Thanks for keeping the funny going!

Maybe a viewer mail segment for a future episode? =)
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