By JurassicProductions
Some guy is making a fan film of Ghostbusters and was able to give me the short summary of the script, and wants everybody to see if it sounds good or not. Here it is: A Ghostbusters chain in Chattanooga, Tennessee get called to a house with a demonic history. One of the members of the team gets captured, and the other member must go into hell itself, find his friend, and battle the Devil itself.
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By Cyberkorr
Hmm... Sounds interesting. However, going up against Satan himself, not sure about.

I would make the suggestion of the team going up against a lesser demon. Capturing the demon, however this demon is associated to Satan in some form. Therefore necessitating Lucifer come to earth to retrieve the captured demon.

Lucifer, would then entice one of the GBs to release the demon from containment, only to release another spirit as well that Lucifer wanted in the first place.

Then Lucifer and his minions attempt to bring hell on earth, only to be thwarted by the Gbs. The demon is recaptured and Lucifer escapes to plan revenge on the GBs.

Just a suggestion. Not sure how big of a production you are planning.
By JurassicProductions
We are planning on doing this on a zero budget, and mostly just a at least a eight person project. That does sound genius! I may need to take a look into that!
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By DarkSpectre
As a video producer, I can tell you, if you have no budget, scale back. Unless you have someone who's amazing at CG willing to put in countless hours of work for nothing, then go for it lol. When I made Knoxville Ghostbusters: the series, we had no budget so we kept our story small and we were all video production students at Pellisippi State and one of the leads was budding VFX artist who wanted the work for a portfolio.
By JurassicProductions
Thats awesome that you also come from TN man! That whole scaling back was mostly the reason I asked for suggestions...and I am looking for a software thats just like Adobe After Effects for the streams and such.
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By DarkSpectre
Yeah I lived there from 2004 to 2008 and formed the original Knoxville GB. As far as an After Effects like program, I'm not aware of any (at least any that would yield decent results) I know for awhile the Final Cut Suite had Motion which was like a scaled down version of After Effects. I recently was playing with After Effects and produced some pretty exceptional results with the Advanced Lightning effect
By JurassicProductions
Well if theres any program thats free, Id be happy to try it! Final Cut may do well, the Real Ghostbusters fan fipm used that and while it didn't look that good it may be one of the only options (if there are any more)

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