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By fixxer
Hey people,

Im a new member and just thought id send a quick post out to see if there are any folks from Adelaide floating around on here. Im building a pack of my own and thought it would be good to knock around ideas with someone in the area and brainstorm places to source parts from etc.

Im keen to talk to all people from Oz also, any tips for sourcing cheap parts and any general info is most welcome. I'll do my best to share any new info with you guys also.

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By fixxer
cheers nice to meet you
Are you making a proton pack also?

would be good to bounce some ideas around

how long have you been members on here for?
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By fixxer
OzSpook wrote:Howdy fixxer!

Bounce away!

Got Traps, Thrower & Pack on the go ATM.
Working on the rest of the uniform slowly but surely

Nice one :)

Just checked out your props on your page....very nice work!
Make sure you post some pics of your pack, I wanna see how it turns out!
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By OzSpook
fixxer wrote:Just checked out your props on your page....very nice work!
Make sure you post some pics of your pack, I wanna see how it turns out!

Pack pics added!
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By fixxer
Very nice work there my man, I'm thinking if I ever get another pack I'll go straight for a shell like you did. Scratchbuilding is fun and all but I just wanna wear the damn thing now already!

I look forward to seeing how your pack turns out, keep putting pics up :)
By cyberfez
I hail from Adelaide as well.

Developing my own pack electronics at eh moment etc.

Are we all going to Comicon on the 31st Mar? Maybe we should do it as a group. Maybe formalise our group as Ghostbusters South Oz etc.
By Nick Ghost
Hey guys, Im thinking of making a youtube action video - a bit of a mash up between the new Call of Duty: Ghosts and Ghostbusters.
Im looking for some keen actors, costumes, props....

looking for local Adelaide talent.... Lets get to chatting?
By Max2point0
Hi Guys,

Just seeing if there are still active SA builders, Im about to start my first build and it would be nice to get local advice on how some of the parts were sourced!
By BobaTone
Hello S.A. GB Fans,

Just starting to put together a suit with a pack to come later. Wondering if there are any active Ghostbusters fans out there to catch up with. It would be great to get some hints & tips on the best and most cost effective way to source parts locally.
By BobaTone
Howdy OzSpook and KingCreper51,

It's great to hear from other SA GB Fans, at the moment our group is working towards our first public event being the 2017 Adelaide Supanova. Whether you are ready or still getting gear together, if you are able to turn up over that weekend please do.
Contact us via the South Australia Ghostbusters Facebook page. Hope to see you there :)

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