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By sorak
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the only additional patch i would design would be a secondary patch to sit around the WA logo patch, which I'd make for richter. Which would read "rural charter."
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By ganthorion
Is there a way for someone to purchase a WA franchise patch? I've got a GB1 patch here but I'd be hesitant to use it since there's a franchise patch.
Just need to get some more made and figure out the price, so I'll let you know as soon as I know :)
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By sorak
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great news, I got a copy of the news item that filmed us at the convention.
Posted it up in my youtube account, but here is a link to it. :cool:

Also to note that the wookie in the vid is also my roommate Shelley. :P
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By Nassik
Oh' man... you'd think we were all in the containment unit ourselves, as quiet as we've been.

We've been busy, these past few years. Convention appearances, movie screenings, charity efforts, and such. Our activities get posted on our public Facebook page and our website these days.

As for the WA logo, it's still in use. We have three versions of the logo in patch form. We have the full-sized patch for use on the right shoulder (for those who wish to do so). We have a smaller version of the logo that can be worn on the left shoulder (in this case, a standard No-Ghost logo patch gets worn on the right shoulder). And there is now a small version of the logo patch in pink (instead of red). This variant is used by a few of our women Ghostbusters.

Aside from patches, the logo has seen use on our franchise business cards, vertical banners, a couple of shirts and hats, our public Facebook page, and our website.

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