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By RedSpecial
Ive been working on this for most of this evening, mostly just driling holes and all the boring stuff but you gotta start somewhere :P

I want to say thanks to Tyger Cheex for the gizmo greeblies and all the info hes provided over the last few weeks and also Nickatron for the awesome Kit :)

Ive got just about everything i need to put this thing together now minus a can of black paint and a holster so i was hoping to get atleast some of it painted today but the can of primer I bought turned out to be faulty :roll: so i decided just to dry fit some of the components to see how it all looked and heres the result so far.


Ill post some more pics once i start to paint everything, hopefully in the next couple of days.
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By Tyger Cheex
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Looking good Red, cant wait to see an update!

I'd just like to add that I didn't sell the bits I sent him, they were a few bits I had left over from my builds and I sent them FOC as a "thanks" for sending me some fine alu-mesh for my N-Filter that he had left over from his build!

I only wish I had enough of the leather left to knock him up a holster (fairly simple to do), sadly I was only able to get two pieces and I used them both in the construction of my two holsters! :(
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By RedSpecial
Thanks for those Cheex they saved me alot of rumaging around at my local maplins :)

Heres todays update, ive got everything painted and most of the greeblies in place. If it wasnt for the new COD the nixies might have been attached too :P but ill do that tonight while Im touching up some of the paint and making the error box etc.


Yes those are lego bricks :P


Ive got something a little different planned for the daughter board so ill post that once its finished.

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By RedSpecial
Another day another update :)

I got the Nixies attached last night and went over some of the paint again.
in hind sight i wish i had placed the nixie bracket a little further back as its a bit cramped so the placement of the nixies and capacitors isnt perfect.
But for my first time building one of these im fairly happy with the result.

Next up i have to sculpt the connector and chip for the main board as well as make an error box(more lego fun :P ) and apply decals, im hoping to get all of this done between today and tomorrow.

I completed most of the daughter board last night too minus some wire that im waiting on so ill show that in the next update.

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By RedSpecial
Thanks Nick !
Im not sure exactly what those are, they have BZW 06P 48 C012 written on the side of them if thats of any help to anyone.
I got them in a mixed bag of parts from Maplin but i can send you a couple if you like .
Im sure if you took them to any electronics store they could find more for you.
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By RedSpecial
Over the last couple of days ive managed to finish the daughterboard, attach the connector and make the error box .

for a peice of lego with a fake screen added im quite pleased at how the error box turned out, the symbols on the screen arent perfect due to some paint leaking through the masking tape but I kinda expected that with it being so small.

I know the daughter board wont be to everyones taste but im happy with it.
Its my take on the GB1 style daughter board using a few left over components from the main build.

all i have to do now is make the chip that sits above the connector and attach that, apply decals then mount the main board onto the holster when it arrives so nearly there :) .

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By c05ta
I know I got mine from eBay all new old stock from Russia. They were kind of on the pricy side for something no one ever notices but I like them.

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By ArtsNFartsNCrafts
Hope you're still around!

So I'm working on a Nick-A-Tron gizmo kit myself, and I was wondering if you might share some detail about how you attached the nixies to the bracket, and the bracket to the board/shelf. Has it held up? Anything you would do differently?
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By RedSpecial
Wow this thread is a blast from the past.

The nixie wires were fed through holes near the top of the board then glued to the back using e6000, I did the same for the various resistors too.
they aren't really attached to the bracket, they just sit in place under the cylindrical sections as the wires are enough to hold them in place.

I glued two lego bricks onto the board to support the bracket at either side.

Its still going strong, surprisingly.
As for things I would do differently, I would most likely use an airbrush instead of hand painting everything and either airbrush or use pinstriping tape to mark out the connections on the board as theyre not exactly neat.
I would add the extra greeblies underneath the bracket and make a more realistic looking daughterboard too.

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