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By Demon Vice Commander
This is a quick-and-dirty Monitor 4 that I made over the course of two days. Its core consists of three 3/4" foam core slabs with 1/16" RC photo poster board for the outer panels. All of the details, logos, and text (except for the guage) were recreated from scratch in Photoshop using Cyland Props' Monitor 4 photo as reference (he was also kind enough to supply me with the dimensions).

I must say, the size of the Monitor 4 is much bigger than I expected (though the 1.5" thickness is correct); in GBII it doesn't look nearly as big (I guess Harold Ramis must have large hands).

I think the next one that I make will be made out of wood, thus allowing me to round the edges and have a more machined look. This one, though a bit crude, should do the job for now. If anyone's interested, I'd be willing to share the .psd files for the decals.

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By Demon Vice Commander
Here are the Monitor 4 decals I created for my original scratch-build. I've long since since replaced it with a real Monitor 4 detector (found one on eBay for a steal), but hopefully these may prove useful to anyone looking to build their own.

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