This is for other Ghostbusters Props that don't fit into the categories above.
By hardgrave
While I was walking around the bookshop today I passed by the "For Dummies" books and saw they had one for almost everything you wanted to learn.

A thought came across my mind.... I could make a mock "Ghostbusting for Dummies" book to carry around the Expo's etc that I will be going to.

After seaching on the internet for a easy full cover to photoshop I came up with this. All that is left is to print it out and attach it to a book that will fit it. I might even attach it to a small school exercise book and past in some pages.

Hope you all like it, and feel free to "borrow" it.


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By Chace
AWESOME! I'm gonna make one to keep on Ecto's dash (alongside the Necronomicon and The Zombie Survival Guide) for car shows!
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By DarkSpectre
Great idea man. One minor critique, the pic of the pack on the front. While we all know it was Harold Ramis' screen used one, it's also in terrible shape. A neat one would be the one AJ has in the equipment section. Other than that a really unique idea!
By hardgrave
Thanks, I do come up with the odd good idea now and then, I've just finished making up some mock pages for the book... 25 or so lol. They cover the gear used with photos, ghost classes and trates and also an artical i found online about the GB's getting a loan and the intrest that that would have had to pay.

I'm off to work so will have most of it printed out and then i can bind it into a book.
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By aliencatx
lol this is great. Im going to have to get a print out and put it in the lib.
Protoncharger: are you kidding me?!
By hardgrave
I have just bound a book together, after making up 30 pages off the net with info on gear, ghost types and trates etc. once its dry and proctive cover is on i'll post photos. I think it looks good
By hardgrave
Finished my prop book today, I bound together some pages I made on the computer after finding some info online about ghost's, ghostbusters equipment and photos of the gear etc.

Attached are some photos of the cover(front and back) along with some of the pages. the rest of the book is blank but it does give a good effect. The idea is that I go around the expo's and when I see a "ghost" have a quick flick through the book put it down and bust some ghosts.
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By ramcuda
Wow just seen this thread ... i got to have one for the coffee table in the man cave ....

Super work ......
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By Spengler02
Awesome! Put me down for one! ;)

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