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By phillbarron
So after my first junk-pack build for a friend ... =2&t=36935 and while I'm waiting for inspiration regarding materials for a more accurate (but no less cheap) version for myself, I thought I'd crack on with something else and after hours lost in awe of everyone else's skills on these boards, I decided a Belt Gizmo would probably be an easy(ish) place to start.

And it's pretty much highlighted my inability to cut anything in a straight line.

I did, however, want to do something different with it. Assuming someone hasn't done this before, they may well have done, but I can't find an example here.

It seems likely that people will ask me what it's for when they see the gizmo on the suit (if they notice it at all!) and I want to have a better answer than "it looks science-y", so I decided to make it scan for ghosts.

Or some kind of ghost alarm.

Or something.

Anyway, this is what I built:


Apologies for the quality of the photo, but it masks the poor quality of the workmanship!

And this is it in the holster:


Which still needs the fastener on the front, but I'm reluctant to start cutting one off my wife's coat/handbag until she gets home and I'm more certain she won't mind/notice.

And this is a crappy video which completely fails to show off how the scanner/alarm/warning thing works:

Basically, pushing the switch one way shows NO GHOSTS in green in the not-really-nixie tubes. Pushing the switch the other way shows GHOSTS! in red with the exclamation mark (point) flashing. Almost. The dot under it isn't flashing yet, but it will.


It looks far better in real life, but still needs a bit of work. I printed out the segmented displays and then cut out the bits I wanted to shine through ... the results are a bit wonky. I think I need to print the correct segments out on something transparent so they're a bit cleaner and easier to read ...

But that would involve buying something transparent to print on, which I'm trying not to do.

Anyway, there you are - an almost useful Belt Gizmo.
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By Alex Newborn
I did, however, want to do something different with it. Assuming someone hasn't done this before, they may well have done, but I can't find an example here.
It reminds me of this one I've seen in person, which was very cool... ... =7&t=35086

Made by jimfin for his son sephiroth, the letters/numbers are formed by actually powering the individual lights of the nixie-tubes.

I've never seen a two-color, two-message design before, though.

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By phillbarron
Finally got round to tweaking this:


and with the switch the other way:


The letters are much clearer, I've mocked them up properly in photoshop with the letters in white on a grey and black background and then printed them on transparent paper. The exclamation mark (point!) just isn't working properly. The flashing LED is either too dim to see clearly or I've managed to blow it (a bit) whilst fiddling with it.

Happier now, if not completely happy.
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By shootforit
Dude, this is so cool! I've seen other peoples gizmos that light up, but this one takes first place! Very well done.

I have zero experience when it comes to LEDs and wiring in general. People have given explanations to me on this board about how they wired their stuff, but it always left me more confused. I've watched youtube videos on wiring non GB related LEDs, but I would love to see how a gizmo is actually wired.

So the question: How difficult would be for you to maybe draw a simple sketch or maybe take some pics of the business end of the wiring set up for a project like this? I would love to replicate something like this, giving you full credit for the idea.

I certainly would appreciate it, as I'm sure others would as well. If it would be a huge pain, then no big deal. Thanks!
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By phillbarron
I have no idea what I'm doing either. I just have a soldering iron and no fear. And very little skin left on my right hand from constantly burning myself.

The wiring for this is really, really simple - the LED are bi-colour ones, they glow red when the current goes one way and green when it flows the other. The word 'no' is connected just to the green direction, the word 'ghosts' is connected to both directions with the switch changing the direction of the current.

Honestly, if I can do this, anyone can.

I'll have a go at drawing a diagram over the next couple of days.
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By phillbarron
This is the circuit I built:


I've drawn it like this as opposed to a proper circuit diagram on the assumption anyone capable of following a circuit diagram would probably be more than capable of designing their own similar circuit.

If you'd prefer a more clinical circuit diagram, I can do that too.

I'm sure there's a simpler and/or better way of doing this, but this was easiest one for me bearing in mind my lack of skills and knowledge.
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By shootforit

Dude, that is EXACTLY what I was needing/wanting. Thank you so much for the time and effort to do that!

A few more questions for you:

How did you house/place the batteries?

Is the thing powered on only by the batteries being connected, and not another power switch?

Can you give me a ballpark cost estimate of the electronics?

What is the meaning of life?
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By phillbarron
1) Batteries are in a battery holder behind the circuit board. The holder is held to the board with velcro.

2) There's no other power switch, when the toggle is in the centre position, the whole thing is off - nothing's drawing any power.


Bi-colour LEDS = £0.74 each
(I bought eight when I should only have bought six - the 'NO' on mine uses bi-colour LEDS when it doesn't need to. Green LEDS are probably cheaper.)
Flashing LED = £1.54
Battery holder = £1.39
Sub miniature Toggle DPDT on-off-on switch = £2.79

TOTAL = £11.64

Approximately $20

I think it would have been a lot cheaper if I'd ordered online instead of walking into the nearest shop, but there you go. I'm impatient.

4) Glib answer: 42
Real answer: there isn't one, assign your own. :)
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By shootforit
Again, this is awesome. You are awesome.

I've said it before, but the willingness of the members on this board to explain stuff, help or offer a bit of advice is amazing.

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