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By tomsaurus
The Proton Pack is nuclear powered so why should it not charge your device?

My Pack is using the Blue brick 12v 9800mAh battery with a SMAKN Dc/dc Converter 12v Step Down to 5v/3a Power Supply.

I only have a pack & gun light kit going at the moment. The average draw of these LEDs is probably ~20mA? With only a handful on at any moment I can't see these exceeding 200mA draw. The minimum for charging a smart phone is 500mA. So a 10 Ohm resistor to a USB port should achieve that.

is ~700mA too much draw for these blue brick batteries? There is so many conflicting specs on these things. Most i read is that I should not exceed 1amp.
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By Shwalamazula
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This may be what you need. Power supply is 5V (which you can kick down to 3.5V with a 3Ω resistor in series). Total energy is 25.6 Ah. The cool thing is these have multiple USB ports for plugging and charging and they recharge with a USB.

If you take a peek at my Gizmo thread, that is how I ended up powering the board.

I used a different Anker for that board. ... nker+astro

I got more than 20 hours out of that 16 Ah Anker without a recharge. Could be worth a look. The other cool thing is that since it is already a 5V DC brick with built in voltage/current regulators, you no longer need the DC/DC converter. Just toss a small resistor to circuits that you need to power at 3.5 and your good.

Cell phones charge at 5V and amperage of 500mA up to 2A. Your most power hungry phones will draw 2A, that is 10W.

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