This is for other Ghostbusters Props that don't fit into the categories above.
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By Pickwick
Just curious if anyone has made any attempts at a run of a decent replica of the ghost sniffer?
Would love to start working on a kit. Does anyone have any tips on where to start?
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By pyhasanon
Sometimes a long shot, but you might get lucky on eBay for the body and the probe base...

I put this entire thing together for about $150 total...

Bacharach Sniffer 302 body from eBay, the probe base I got from a Bacharach Sniffer 503A on eBay (if you're scavenging parts, make sure it comes with the probe), the copper tube is from Amazon (, the aspirator hose is also from Amazon (, and then the aspirator is just some random aspirator I found on eBay that looked similar to the original...

By the way, the probe base has an inner thread of 1/4-28, so you may need to find a way to thread the copper tube on... I used a threaded rod from Amazon (, but that may be overkill, really... You can probably find a cheaper option at your local hardware store...
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By Chace
Jairus bought a whole pallet of them one time and sold them off for 60 to 80 bucks and made a nice profit. A few of them even still worked.

Just be sure to look them up by the make and model. Don't list ghostbusters...they tend to sell cheaper when the owner doesn't know there's a demand by movie fans
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By pyhasanon
...same holds true for other items... Like how I found a vintage LC-1 ALICE set for $25... Items will normally sell for MUCH higher when the seller knows it's a movie prop and that collectors are looking for it...

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