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By Alex Newborn
Well, there's *this* thread by ramcuda with a very similar subject line to yours... ... 6&start=30

... he was the guy who identified a lot of the different models of hard hats used in the movie.

Then there's this thread of mine all about the sticker on Egon's hard hat... ... =7&t=32452

... but unfortunately almost all of the old photo links are dead.

So I'll go ahead and repeat the answers found in those threads here so I can use pics, like this one of my hardhat collection.


In a nutshell, the hardhat in the photo you posted is an Eastern Safety Tuf-E, molded in white and painted yellow. The lamp on it is a JustRite headlamp.


Venkman's hardhat is an ERB 906, with stickers that say "100%" on the back and "No Bozos" on the right side.




In the street scene, Egon wears a Jackson Safety Sentry. The front sticker seems to be from a piece of airport equipment. As best we could reconstruct it by a fantastic group effort in my thread, it says:


Later in the movie, when they go into the train tunnels, Egon and Ray both wear Tuf-Es with JustRite headlamps.

There are other hardhats used as well. Winston wears yet another design, and sometimes their hardhats change to different designs.

In fact, when Ray is lowered down into the tunnel, due to retakes, his hardhat changes from one design to another briefly, before changing back.

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