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By Rowan J. Zweig
So part uniform, part pack side project going on here. I've never been the biggest fan of the belt gizmo from the films. So I decided if I wanted to do it, I was going to do a bit more towards the style from RGB. However, I also wanted it to have a function. To activate the pack without the wand.

Here's my rough photoshop concepts


Front and Side with the Plug

I have it a look to make it seem like an extension of the pack (similar colors, ribs, and light bars.)

Afterwards, idealy, I thought another set of switches might be needed, or somehow isolating the lights in the gizmo itself - so that it could either:

A - turn out without affecting the pack, so the gizmo would run by itself.

B- a second connection inside would be linked directly with the pack itself, in case I wanted to turn on the pack alone without using the wand. This would also be helpful if I wanted to do some kind of alternate GB costume and wasn't using my wand.

The plan is also to have this detachable like I plan to make my hose, so it can be an optional attached to my pack, or if I want, attached to the belt somewhere.
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By Libtechinit
This is a pretty cool concept!

I would even consider adding an additional button or switch that would fire the vent effect if you have that in your pack. People love seeing the vent effect and its sometimes a pain to need to pull the thrower to fire it off.

The one downside is see is needing to have another tube/cable attach into the pack somewhere.. I guess you could do it pretty stealthy and have it go through the motherboard somewhere or merge it into the wire loom already going onto the pack somehow.
By Rowan J. Zweig
That venting idea is good! I'll need to do more research.

That is somewhat a downside. Not sure yet where the cord will be attached. I think it could mirror the wand, or maybe go behind the frame, looking nice like it connects to the suit. Not finalized the logistic there yet.
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