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By gbcreel
The Cover of GHOSTBUSTERS: CON-VOLUTION were based on the famous painting called "Spirit of 76


These were the photos taken of members of The Real Tampa Bay Ghostbusters for Nick Runge for the basis of the cover of CON-VOLUTION


also this was to be my surprise at Megacon this weekend.

Big thanks to Jason Rawley, Ben Bond, Ken Plant, and Kai and Also To Grant our Photographer for making it all happen.

and oh yea that's not Stephen Colbert...
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By Vee
This is super special awesome. I know the phrase is over-used, but I seriously can't think of anything else to say. This is really freakin' cool.
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By Kingpin
I could've sworn those were photographed poses (one clue was "Peter"'s collar), but I hadn't been aware of anyone doing a marching band theme at any of their events.

I gotta say Patrick, that's by far one of the most awesome fan/company interactions yet (up there with some of the AZGB's fan/company interaction). It's great that Nick got you and the guys in to help mock-up the cover layout. I was planning to get the "Spirit of 84" cover regardless, as it is an awesome cover... this has strengthened my resolve even further. :)

Awesome bragging rights, guys. :)

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