Discuss the Ghostbusters Comic from IDW, as well as the now defunct Ghostbusters: Legion series.
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By MageGrayWolf
While scanning Slimer issue 1 I wasn't really enjoying the comic or the preservation process.
I totally understand that. The only reason why I might want to get my hands on them would be for the sole purpose of having a complete collection.
I don't have any individual Marvel UK issues unless one counts NOW Comics issue 21 and any Vol 2 issue that has a UK story in it. I never bought the US trades that came out in 2006/2007. Never had a real interest. I definitely don't have access to the German issues.
finding the UK and German comics might make for an interesting hunt.
I may scan each at some point. I'm a little concerned about damaging my copies while scanning them. If I get to them news will be on Ectocontainment and Ghostbusters International.
I have scans of them already if you ever get around to them, so no need to risk your comics.
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By Spengs
All: Concerning 88mph Legion, scans would be appreciated if I decide to put them up and need the scans. Possibly something to consider if I get to them. In the meantime if anyone wants to read Legion who doesn't have them a search on-line yielded a couple sites where they could be downloaded. However, the only catch with them is one would have to sign up on these torrent/download sites. Something I wouldn't want to do.
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By Spengs
After about 5 months of scanning/cleaning NOW's The Real Ghostbusters comics, we've come to the end. Last month I ordered the 1993 Annual from December 1992. I thought I had the issue previously, I did not. Yesterday it arrived and I scanned/cleaned up the comic cover-to-cover. I didn't have time to publish it at Ectocontainment until this afternoon.

News of future digital preservation of comics or magazines may be found at Ghostbusters International®, Ectocontainment, and possibly Spook Central. As well as through our social media accounts.

Blog entry 89 (1993 Annual)
http://ectocontainment.com/ectocontainm ... nnual.html
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By Spengs
About a year later (ok 11 months) I'm making this thread new again after reading every post. Like the Kenner instructions post if you visit Ectocontainment you basically know why I'm writing.

I would have always preferred my copies which I scanned and cleaned up last year to have been posted as PDF files from the beginning. Although others probably had bigger GB preservation projects going on, it's possible something could have been worked out. I really did take on the RGB comics (pre-knowledge of IDW's omnibus) head on. I sorta became the gatekeeper (no GB reference/pun intended) of all that printed-to-digital material. I even basically said in one of my posts I didn't see us having the files to read, at least from me ike the original printed comics for our mobile devices.

Then this year when I was relaunching ectocontainment.com, the way it should have been more or less since the beginning I made it a point to begin getting the RGB comics made into PDF files as I continued building and expanding Ectocontainment.

Matthew Jordan, who has been part of the Ghostbusters digital preservation and runs the GB Wiki established and has been making issues into PDF files, scaling them down some (still high res) and enhancing them further if needed. Thanks to ghosthead Ghostbusters213 I know they're already being read on tablet sized mobile devices.

Enough blustering. NOW c o m i c s, Volume 1, Issues 1-11 are available in PDF form on Ectocontainment. Slimer! Issue 1 is also available as a PDF. Issue 12 is being worked on, with July 4 in the US it may not be ready or up until next week. It could be sooner.

The PDFs aren't something we're working on like mad scientists, been there. As our schedules allow, PDFs will be made and put on Ectocontainment. When a "new" issue is ready, I always blog about it (not as detailed in 2012) and promote it through Twitter/Facebook.

All the links to every issue are active in the NOW section at Ectocontainment. It can be found in the Media section. The Real Ghostbusters magazines can also be found there. If and when their is a new comic PDF available, it is linked to its Adobe PDF icon.


Happy (summer) reading! :walterpeck:
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By Spengs
In case one wasn't aware issue #12 PDF was uploaded on July 9, 2013. After vacations and non Ghostbusters financial obligations Issue #13 PDF was uploaded on August 20, 2013.

Issue #14 PDF is finished and should be up this weekend.
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By Spengs
Been a good long while since I've posted comic updates here.

Since the last update I manually (didn't have a choice, it worked out better that way) moved ectocontainment.com to WordPress for software and rising hosting costs. In doing so every page and comic blog entry was recreated. The links that have been posted here since the beginning may redirect to the Ectocontainment WP main page.

All the comics that were already PDFs are up and more have been added since August. Last week thanks to a newer version of Adobe Acrobat Matthew has been able to reduce the file sizes from twenty something megs to about 10 MBs.

All of the previous NOW comics, The Real Ghostbusters Magazines, and the 1 issue of Electric Company Magazine from September 1985 have all been reduced in size.

It's a minor inconvenience to re-download them all. It saves up space on the servers and our hard drives. They'll load faster if one wants to just view them on a computer or mobile device as well.

Speaking of which since WP is smart phone friendly, the comics can be accessed on your fruity or robot phone to be enjoyed.

If you're a semi frequent visitor to Ectocontainment you already knew all of this. 8)

*edit* It isn't a big deal, if a mod see this, could this thread be moved back to the comics forums? During the "streamlining" of the board, it was moved to cartoons.
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By Spengs
On January 10 (really January 9, if someone happened to check ;) ) I uploaded Volume 2, Issue 1 PDF file (the first that was new and had a reduced size) to Ectocontainment.

For a while we were going to order, some issues have come before others depending on it was related to the series, GB2, or what was, could be personal preference.

Here's what is finished and what is or will be worked on as schedules allow:

Volume 1

Issues 1-14 PDFs (complete)
Issues 15-16 PDFs (to be completed)
Issue 17 PDF (complete)
Issues 18-28 PDFs (to be completed)

RGB Starring In GB2 PDFs

Part 1 (complete)
Part 2 (to be be completed)
Part 3 (to be completed)

Volume 2

Spectacular 3-D - Vol 2, Issue 0 (to be completed)

Issue 1 (complete)
Issue 2 (to be completed)
Issue 3 (to be completed)
Issue 4 (to be completed)


1992 Annual (complete)
1993 Annual (complete)


Issue 1 (complete)

I do own other issues of Slimer!, none of them have been scanned.
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By Spengs
I don't have any separate Marvel The Real Ghostbusters comics and personally haven't had much interest in them. I might eventually get the trade paperbacks from Titan. At this time I can't see scanning them for the site.

If someone has the Marvel scans and whomever among us were hosting them I'd write about that and link their site or sites at Ectocontainment.
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By Spengs
Been a long while since I updated this thread. :walterpeck:

Over the weekend I finally made PDFs for NOW Comics Volume 1, Issues 15 and 16. With Halloween around the corner Issue 17, which was uploaded last year naturally is still available.

Issue 15 blog post:
http://ecto-containment.com/2014/09/14/ ... ue-15-pdf/

Issue 16 blog post:
http://ecto-containment.com/2014/09/14/ ... ue-16-pdf/

*edit* For the mods, could this thread be moved back to the comics forums? During the "streamlining" of the board, it was moved to cartoons.
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By Spengs
Since the last (non double post) I had continued working on converting my scans to PDF files and putting the rest of the Now Comics The Real Ghostbusters issues on-line. I had continued posting blog posts at Ecto-Containment, some at GB Inc, and a fun, finished post (posted by "Louis") at GB Inc on Sept. 24 to inform everyone all the NOW RGB Comics are available.

I may add more Slimer! comics and maybe the 88mph Studios comics. If you've been a visitor to the sites and have read this thread, you already know I have been in no hurry.

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