Discuss the Ghostbusters Comic from IDW, as well as the now defunct Ghostbusters: Legion series.
By Farah
Wow! Cool comics that they are coming out with.
By Ghostbuster-Adem84
I'm pretty exited for this comic! The "what could have been" scenario has been a favorite of mine for some time. Marvel's "What If" comes to mind instantly! Not lying I am looking forwards to this comic forsure! I want to know what happens to the Ghostbusters after Gozer takes over. Displaced Aggression comes to mind. Mind kind enslaved and they have to come up some kind of miracle to save the day.
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By *NormalGamer*
Update on the release date, but it now appears it will come out on March 16.
Ah, that's on my birthday.
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By HauntedWallflower
As excited as I am to read this, I'm a bit disappointed because I expected the comic to start immediately after the Busters decided NOT to cross the streams and explain how Peter felt about leaving Dana up there stuck in Zuul's form and the city's reaction when they walked out of the building. Maybe they'll address all that towards the end.
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By mrmichaelt
Well, that was a fun romp in what if land. Although the story was slanted to being more comedic and Tempore Ruga was rather convenient, Gozer/Stay Puft was so amusing! As was the slightly sentient poop.

It was a pleasant surprise to see this issue run longer than the ongoing. Looks at the covers in various stages, a word from Kelly Thompson on the genesis of the story, a recap of the ongoing series, and coolest of all, a new hint about Egon's sub-plot in GBI!!!
By GhstbstrLMLIII
Overall I enjoyed it. Like wallflower, I expected it to pick up right after they decided not to cross the streams, but it was an interesting take.
I loved Dana calling Peter an asshat over the partial Terror Dog return! When the sentient poop joke was first made I laughed out loud. Personally, I thought it worked great as a one time joke, but was run into the ground by the end of the issue.
This Post Contains Spoilers
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By fearless-freak
my local shop held a copy back for me and i enjoyed it, also picked up Transformers: what if Optimus Prime lived
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By mrmichaelt
The implications you can draw from the ending get mind boggling in terms of the canon going forward.
  • *The Temple of Gozer is intact
    *The Shandor Building is intact, so the Ghostbusters won't get sued so they might continue to be in business just like in The Real Ghostbusters which then affects how GB2 may happen...Egon won't work of the Institute, Ray might not start up his bookstore, Peter might never host The World of the Psychic, Dana may not go work at the Manhattan Museum of Art and never meets Janosz
    *Gozer is in top shape as opposed to being blown away when the Ghostbusters cross the streams, maybe could even come back and juice off the Psychomagnotheric Slime as the Cult of Gozer intended, take on a new Destructor Form
    *Peter and Dana might not break up... Oscar might be Peter's biological son if he's even conceived in the new canon
    *The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man was never conjured by Ray
    *Peck is not doused in a ton of marshmallow
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By HauntedWallflower
*Janine will NOT jump Louis' bones *blech* and will stay as her usual spunky, badass self.
*Janine and Egon will be together forever. *hearts in eyes*
*No Hardemeyer, probably.
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By Ghostbuster-Adem84
I got the issue some time ago, finally caught up on my comic reading. I loved this one shot! crappy joke aside I thought it was a pretty fun read! Loved the story, the art was a change of pace which is always nice. I mean I love me some Jim Lee but every once in awhile some Tony Daniel is a nice treat. All and all I rather enjoyed this comic for what it was. I'd be open to more "what if...Staring Ghostbusters" in the future for sure.

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