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By keoni
o0Ecto1A0o wrote:Here is one of the Southland Ghostbusters logo's. I will upload the other one as soon as I can.

Great logo!!!!
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By syckotheklown
rgbofma wrote:Image
My franchise's logo/insignia is a navy colored shield with a star in the top left corner (to represent Massachusetts), the ghost itself, and in Copperplate, in yellow, it says the franchise's name. I did this in a vector program called Inkscape.

Massachusetts represent. Nice logo.
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By ghostfan003
Adding the patch for the Ghostbusters: Shadow Mountain franchise!

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By Borzou
Using the Indianapolis flag logo for inspiration:

By VBGBFan2005
I would agree with the fact that with new emblems/logos, there are different regions on divisions, but I would also say that most logos don't need the shape of the state to make the logo. I have NO hate towards that idea, but everyone I know who wishes to help with my division always say to put our state in our logo. Here is what the logo for the soon-to-be Virginia Beach Ghostbusters:Image
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By Kingpin
Some nice designs here. :)

However if I may impart a bit of advice from my graphic design experience? Simplicity is often the most effective approach to good logo design.

An effective design has to be clear and visible when shrunk down and enlarged to a great size... so extremely detailed borders, although reflecting something local or cultural, may run the risk of cluttering a design.

View logo design as like you were designing a flag: aim for the simplicity of the Canadian flag, rather than the cluttered design of the Milwaukee flag.
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By Just Russ
I love Hawaii's franchise design (see avatar). I wear it on my left arm and the original no ghost on my right. It definitely gives the impression of locality because when I took my daughter to see the 1984 movie, two Hawaii GBs were sitting in front of us, all suited up. My daughter loved it, but when the lights came up and they started to leave, she saw their patch and couldn't help but ask where she could get one. That was the door being opened to the group and it was practically sealed at that point.
By necrosapien87
I love seeing all these logo variations. I don't think it's a problem. I mean, if I started a franchise (although there already is one in Kansas City), then I would wear the classic logo on the right shoulder and the custom logo on the left.
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