Have you accumulated a huge Ghostbusters Collection? Talk about what you have and show it off!
By boozer4
A quick view of my RGB collection, with a little bit of TMNT hidden in as well. I still have a few more pieces to collect, namely from the Ecto Glow line. Enjoy!

What isn't pictured is my Jocsa Lights and Sounds Ecto-1. I've currently got it disassembled for electronic repairs. I should get the parts I need to finish fixing it this Friday!

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By boozer4
Thanks! And thanks for the decals, CaptCyan. I'll post some photos once I've got them all decorated and looking fresh. That Firehouse sign also came from your prints.
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By CaptCyan
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You're welcome!

That Jocsa Lights and Sounds Ecto hasn't been talked about very much on this site. I think you should start a thread on it's restoration. Lots of pictures would be good as it is a bit of a rare bird and not found very often.
By boozer4
This is probably the part I'm most proud of... On the left are my Jocsa figures with companion ghosts. I have both the classic series (the Gulper ghost glows in the dark) and the variant figures with the color changing ghosts. Not pictured is my Jocsa Ecto-1 with lights and sounds. I also have a Jocsa Stay-Puft and Slimer. In the middle are my custom painted figures... took about 1 hour for each figure and 45 minutes for each ghost. That was my first custom job ever (I did them about a month ago). Then we have the four classic heroes, each with an unbroken stream and the 1st series backpacks that connect at the bottom of the pack.


By boozer4
Thanks :)

I've got a new display case, a few new pieces, and my Jocsa Ecto-1 Lights and Sounds working. It's been a good day today :)


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By below_radar_00
I've been trying to find a nice looking lighted glass case for a while now. Did you get that anywhere mainstream where others could order one or was it a Craigslist find?
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By boozer4
Local pickup from Craigslist. She said it was at least 15 years old, and I believe it. But it displays my figures very nicely.
By boozer4
I've updated my display considerably since my last photo... and apparently the link to the last photo has been broken. So, it's time for an update!!


Take a look in the top left display with the Extreme Ghostbusters villains... is that Eduardo's Buster Blastin' Bike? Now if I could only find Roland's Gyro-Copter........


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