Have you accumulated a huge Ghostbusters Collection? Talk about what you have and show it off!
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By kurisu7885
Decided to post a picture of my so far humble of Ghostbusters stuff.

Not pictured are my The Real Ghostbusters figures, Egon Winston and Ray, missing a Peter, my MR Stay Puft plus that plays the song when squeezed, my Minimates, and my custom Ghostbusters uniform shirt. Picture was a spur of the moment thing when I added the Lego Ecto-1 to my collection so I didn't hunt everything down.

Anyway, here it is.

Sorry for the quality ,taken with my phone.

Hopefully I can add a prop proton pack to that if I can ever get my hands on a damn pack frame. >.< Ever have a case where there's a place not far away that sells something you need but no one is ever going there? Ya, that's me and a local military surplus shop that sells ALICE frames AND flightsuits.

Ah, anyway ,ya, my humble collection, the Lego Ecto-1 being my newest piece. A friend got me the model and he also backed the boardgame on Kickstarter which, well, he's letting me have it.
By Coover5
missing a Peter
So was the reboot!

All joking aside you have some nice items. I've always believed the quality of the items is more important than the number.

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