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By Lewis Tully
I would have sent an e-mail, but honestly I have no idea how to do that, or where to find an address... I ordered the pack light kit at the beginning of the week, and the wand light kit, the ribbon cables and a power cell replacement lens last night. Everything said it was In Stock at the time I ordered. I was a bit curious when the initial order of the pack lights didn't ship out within a day or two. After I ordered the second round it said that I should have my item by November 11th, Monday. Upon checking the shipping status this morning it is now telling me it will be November 28th before it is shipped. What the heck happened overnight? Like I said, I made SURE everything I ordered was IN STOCK before I ordered. Just wondering if there is something going on that I am not aware of?
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By AJ Quick
It is likely to ship in the next few days. A large number of pre order items just came in stock, and that automatically pushed orders back. Not sure why it would push them that far back (probably a glitch in the shipping system)... but I know after Monday or so, all current orders will be up next in the queue.
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By Lewis Tully
Good deal! Looking forward to getting everything. Thanks for the update!

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