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By Tyko
Serious though, how long does it take to get the red acrylic lenses. Ordered them at the beginning of September in hopes of having them in my pack by Halloween. Now here we are in November and my delivery date just keeps getting pushed back. Now says December 21st. Are you kidding me?! I have ordered everything for my pack through gbfans and while a couple items were on minor delay (ie the shell) it blows my mind that I am waiting for 4 little red circles. Whoever that "supplier" is should be dropped from the shop.
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By Tyko
With that said, I am extremely happy with every single item that I have received so far. I wish there was a sticker that flaunts your pack as being purely supplied by gbfans. My pack is the talking point at all my get togethers now. One thing I wish the shipped offered and that is an affordable but study guitar stand for packs. Thanks gbfans!
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By AJ Quick
My apologies. We have several suppliers for these, but I have been working on getting my laser cutter up and running so that I may produce the lenses myself. They have been ordered and will be in at the end of the month.
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By Tyko
Thanks AJ. I just want to be clear I don't blame you or this site (which also is essentially you lol). I'm just voicing frustration towards the suppliers. Anything that was considered "in stock" shipped very quickly. Anything special order ran two months or more to get. It can be frustrating when you're trying to hit a deadline or your super motivated to finish and waiting on something as simple as a small lense lol

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