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By AmazonChitlin
I sent an email to the webmaster but never received a response. I was hoping that you may be able to help me here.

I placed an order through the store (order #33201). I got everything in the order except the following:

12V 9800 mAh Battery Pack
Special Order! 30 Day Extra Leadtime

The estimated ship date was 11/25/2017. I haven't heard anything about the batter pack since that email. I was hoping I could get an update or a refund if you're unable to provide the item.

Thanks! I also sent this as a PM to AJ in hopes that he will read it.
By AmazonChitlin
...Anyone? I haven't received a PM from AJ, nor any responses to this. Anyone know the next steps to take to try and get a hold of someone that can help?
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By AJ Quick
Batteries are not yet in stock. We are trying to get more before the China New Year occurs.

We typically don't charge items until they are ready to ship, so if you want to cancel it.. I can do that, but no refunds are due.
By AmazonChitlin
Thanks for the response! If it hasn't been charges yet, and their expected soon, I'll continue to wait. Thanks again!
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