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By mrmichaelt
So the past two or three weeks, the site goes down usually from a 504 gateway or on Friday night "Too many connections [1040]" . Usually lasts minutes but I haven't timed it yet.

The log in has also been acting up. The top right of page one, does a pop up instead of going to the log in page but when I enter the info nothing happens. Get redirected to the forum home page not logged in. So only if I'm in a thread and reply then log in or on the main forum page, scroll to the bottom, enter the log in info and click the button (not hit enter on the keyboard), I will get logged in.
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By AJ Quick
I've been updating the server software. Hopefully the 'Too Many Connections' message has gone away, but if you are still seeing it then maybe not?

The login issue, I am not sure about. I tested it and it is working for me.

What browser and version are you using?

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