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By SSJmole
I just noticed my Blu-ray of ghosbuststers (orginal) has something called cinechat a bdlive feature. PS3 had bdlive and I think ps4 does (I hope so) I was just wondering if this site's ever tried to do a group watching of it.

For those that are wondering ... s/00009572

Basically it's like a chat room you place over the movie and watch it. I thought it might be beat one weekend when we could to try it. We can chat about anything from current news to cool things in the scene to builds of props you made in scene ect... And it might fun and something unique fans here will enjoy as everyone likes 1st film so won't be arguments ect..

Just a thought I have never done it it might even work in Slimer mode (the picture and picture with cast and crew giving facts ect...)

Just an idea anyway

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