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By pasco334
This forum needs a better way to upload photos. It’s frustrating to look up details from 10-13 year old topics only to find the [ image ] gone. I personally am a visual learner and someone’s interpretation of instruction can only take me so far. A format that would lock in photos that can only be removed by moderators would be sufficient. I know this would be a big change to the forum and not realistic to achieve anytime soon, but it is possible. Just some way to keep the photos from ... ghosting, lol.
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By Kingpin
Unfortunately we don't currently have the facility to store photos on the forun. What you're looking at is the combined dickheadedness of ImageShack and Photobucket deciding to go from free services to paid-for hosts, and when people didn't make the switch, the companies deleted the photos.

Sadly, it's a lesson that we should save a copy when we have the opportunity, as there's no permanency in some things hosted on the internet.
By pasco334
Understood. I’m saving my progress pics and making notes as I go. I’m going to upload it all once it’s “completed” so to speak. Much like owning a Jeep, it’s never truly finished modding.

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