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By Fritz
They've got the right colors in the pictures on the boxes.

I'll admit to being a little annoyed if all we get are animted likenesses with the same bland unicolor flight suits. But it's just a prototype, of course, so I'm not going to be sweating it.

Now if we get both the TV colors and a "Citizen Ghost" set with the tan suits, that would be double awesome.

it's still awesome either way, though.
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By Gareee
Typically Mego figures are 8-9" tall.
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By Fritz
I really hope the suits are colored, that would seem to make sense. If that is the case, there's a good chance I may be pretty interested in these!!
I hope so. Castewar made a good point at ProtonCharging: the Venkman in tan movie/"Citizen Ghost" flight suit is probably a convention exclusive, like the Slimed Egon last year.

I'm probably still getting them either way, but I'd definitely consider it a sad oversight to not have them in the proper colors, though.
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By | alkaline |
Hope the packaging changes.... Thats just god awful design..
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By SlimeGuy
Ugh. I was super pumped for RGB figures but these are just lame. I was hoping they would be like the 6inch movie figures but with the cartoon designs and colors. Weak sauce.
Agreed. Along with a cartoon pack. I didn't even need a trap attached to it! But what we are getting is lame.

I'm looking this gift horse in the mouth!
By GhstbstrLMLIII
Well, I'll probably get one so that I can continue my complete collection MIB - but I really don't feel a need to by a second one of these to open and display. It wouldn't look right with either the 6 in movie figs, or the 12 in figs in cloth outfits.
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By groschopf
This khaki-jumpsuited Venkman might simply be a prototype Mattel cobbled together for the show. A whole slew of details could change before production. Time will tell.

But if Uncle Joey's voice comes out of that thing, I'll count that as a strike against it.
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By Icer Rose
I've never liked action figures with the real cloth clothing, something seems cheap or corny about it. I really don't like the way it looks.
By LinearRanger
Just watched the Attack of the Show part from tonight's episode showing the RGB Peter figure. Yes, this one is only in the Movie suite for Comic-Con. No sounds bites were played from the figure, but all the vid clips they took from the show were those using Lorenzo Music's voice.

Here's the big complaint. When you look at the figure as he holds the Proton Gun, they just recycled the movie's Neutrono Wand & repainted it. The pack, from what I could see looks okay, but unless this is still in prototype phase, they royally screwed up on giving us an even close to accurate Proton Gun.
By LordVigo82
this is IMO--hands down-- the most underwhelming selection of SDCC exclusives I've ever layed me peepers on.

Last year I was all excited about them, and frustrated that I was broke. This year, I have disposable income, and the exclusives are overall a joke.

The reveals at Comic Con better blow my mind...

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