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By Spengs
I was looking on eBay for certain Ghostbusters toys recently when I came across some auctions for The Real Ghostbusters. These items (not the first figures) from the '80s are mint in box. I know they have value, I also know some of these sellers automatically see $$$ and kinda jack up the prices.

I'm wondering if anyone knows what a RGB toy trap, Ecto-1, and the firehouse are worth mint in box? Toys are supposedly perfect with maybe some minor wear to boxes. ie: Shelf wear.

If you're on other GB message boards, you may see this posted verbatim.
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By Garvin Ghostbuster
It all depends on what somebody willing to give for a item.I just recently bought a lot that had the RGB pack,trap,Ecto-1,Ecto charger and a couple of more items that were all MIB.I gave $225.00 shipped.
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By Meph
Value is just an illusion. It's an arbitrary worth. Gold is nothing more than a shiny metal. That's it. Not even the most practical metal, it's good for electronic conductivity and decoration. It is simply determined by the market. You are part of the market. However much you, or somebody else, are willing to spend on an item will determine the value. If it won't sell for $XXX.xx dollars then the price is too high.
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By The Stiff
/\ /\ This guy is smart. :)

You can search 'Completed Listings' on ebay to see what some items have sold for in the past, but I'm not sure if the sealed MIB items you are looking for show up all too often.

And Garvin Ghostbuster, that sounds like you got a pretty good deal to me! :cool:
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By Spengs
Thanks for the responses and the insight. I decided not to buy The RGB trap mint in box. Partially because I spent more on bidding on the ECTO-1 MIB. Also, hopefully within 2 years we'll know if Matty will be offering the trap, movie version. I also decided to opt out on buying the firehouse MIB. If i wasn't going to build it and display it I couldn't justify to myself the expense. I did fairly well in my opinion with the other MIB RGB toys I won.

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