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By Derrico13

The first four pack of RGB minis!

Official copy paste info:

A Diamond Select Release! Art Asylum Designs & Sculpts. Following up on the hit Ghostbusters Movie line, DST debuts a new line based on the hit ’80s cartoon series, The Real Ghostbusters! Based on the character designs from cartoon, this specialty market exclusive four-pack includes Egon Spengler in his uniform, Ray Stantz in uniform, Janine Melnitz in her office attire and, of course, Slimer! Each Minimate stands 2.5” tall with 14 points of articulation and a variety of removable and interchangeable parts and accessories and is packed on a blister card.

Look for these to be on shelves by April 2011 with a SRP of $17.99
By Wiggyof9
If these had show accurate outfits and equipment I would consider buying them, but as they are now I am not thrilled.
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By RedVirtue
If these had show accurate outfits and equipment I would consider buying them, but as they are now I am not thrilled.
Really? Imho the matty mego figures came with props that were more accurate to the kenner toys then the cartoon equipment. Like the pke meter, and the ghost sniffer. But people ate it up anyway.
By LordVigo82
goddamn how I want:

The Undying One
Hob Anagarak
Dr. Charles Venkman w/ Venkman Ghost Repeller
Dr. Basingame
The Sandman
The Great Calamari
Sir Bruce
Winston as Shimaboku
Karro Zans
Professor Dweeb w/ Elizabeth
Master of Shadows
Shanna O'Callahan
Dib Devlin
Ghostbuster Louis
Ghostbusters Janine
The Grundel
Captain Jack Higgins
the Umpire( Night Game)
Count Greygore
Lord Kildarby
ghost dog from "It's a Jungle Out There"
Makeoveris Lotsabucks
By GhstbstrLMLIII
Small bit of info from DSTChruck on the RGB minimates in response to questions:
Justin B

You probably hate seeing my name by now. What can I say, I’m a curious person. Anyways, just a couple questions: 1. Will the proton streams coming with the RGB mates be exactly the same as all the other proton streams we’ve received with the movie mates or will they be changed in some way, shape or form? 2. Have you ever considered Buffy the Vampire Slayer Minimates? And if so what happened to cause it to not go into production. 3. Will we see “Office Attire” clothes for the RGB guys, I’ve seen Janine & Louis have both office attire and GB Uniform mates, was curious if the main guys will come with an office attire type look. That’s all for now, thanks as always for answering my questions

DSTChuck: Justin, Justin hmm name does not ring a bell…sorry! Pretty sure they are the same streams. Yes we have of course considered them but no we’ve never gotten past talking about them. I don’t think we have plans to do the office look for the team, sorry.
So... 1 - the streams will be the same (which is fine with me), and 2 - right now there are no plans for office attire/plain clothed versions of the GBs themselves (too bad).
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By Gareee
Ray doesn't come with goggles, but egon does come with an RGB pke meter!

Slmer is actually clear green, and I have a feeling that over time the rubber straps on his pack are going to break.. they are too tight.

Slimer's rgb pack even came with a trap pegged on the side! (Janine's did not have the pack trap, but that two pack also came with a seperate trap/pedal like we saw in the movie figures.

Janinie's glasses have a LOT of red slop on them. The rest of the guys looked perfect.

The 2 pack with Boogie MAY be shorted in cases.. ther ewere an even number of packages on the shelf, and only one with Boogieman. (And he is the best of the bunch, IMHO.

Blackie has very loo fitting hands and feet. careful so you don't loose them. Sam looks great, but can literally only turn his head. They do have a clear orange body under his robe, and I might pull that out to make another clear orange ghost.

I think I really prefer these guys to the movie vesions, they are that good.

I really hated getting another color variant on the terror dog, but after taking him out, I think i like th new blu eversion better than all the older releases of them.

I read in other toy forums they hit TRU this past week, and our store did get them in last friday.
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By Gareee
(BTW, my observations aren't on the 4 pack, but on the new two pack releases series 1.)
By Midcoast Ghostbuster
Just picked up all four of the double packs. Once again the detail is astounding, Sam Hain and The Boogy man alone look just like they do in the cartoon. Egon and Ray look pretty decent, though I wish Ray's uniform had been colored closer to the cartoon and that he had Ecto Goggles with him. Also the proton pack cyclotrons have four red lights, instead of just three. Still I am pretty impressed with the figures over all and I love that Egon has the RGB style PKE meter, and you can hang it on his belt.

Now to wait for wave two to arrive.
By alternate1
Toys R Us in Times Square has them in stock, although I was only able to get the Ray/Egon, Samhain/Egyptian Ghost, and Boogey Man/Terror Dog 2 packs. They did not have Janine and Slimer or the 4 pack. They look really great, although I noticed that on all the packaging, Samhain is listed at "Sam Haim" with an "m" Also, the body under Ray and Egon's "suit" is painted to look like they're wearing their suits without the proton packs and belts, which they often did on the cartoon :cool:
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By VenomSymbiote
Ack, the ghosts from the show aren't being released in their own packs, they're just rare random inclusions? I sure hope they do at some point, don't want another Hot Wheel Ecto-1 fiasco, hated that...
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By Gareee
Samhain/Blackie, and Boogey Man/Terror Dog are in two packs. Proton Pack Slimer comes with Janine. Thats already 5 entities. What are you talking about?
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By VenomSymbiote
Samhain/Blackie, and Boogey Man/Terror Dog are in two packs. Proton Pack Slimer comes with Janine. Thats already 5 entities. What are you talking about?
I meant, the ghosts like Samhain and Boogieman, they're far more rare than the other minimate sets? I actually didn't think the Samhain and Boogieman were being released so soon. I thought it was the Egon, Ray, Janine, Slimer, then a few more guys and perhaps ghosts in with them, 4 per release. Checked Amazon quick and was able to grab the Sam and Boogie sets. Was Grundel one of the ghosts to be released with the RGB Minimates at some point? I can't recall, cause if so I'll have to keep an eye out for that.
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By Gareee
The only one possibly more rare is the boogieman/clear blue terror dog set. There were plenty on the pegs to choose from at TRU when I picked ours up, with the exception of getting the only boogie set there. (I suppose that one might have been picked up by someone else, but there was an even number on the pegs, and equal numbers of the other sets, so it looked like a complete case of RGB there, with the Boogie shortpacked.) I think someone actually posted a case packout somewhere though, whih showed them mostl evenly packed.

I also agree, these are the best GB minimates to date! We love em. Maybe the toon style lends itself more to the minimate figure type? It might also be that the assortment had a bunch of ghosts, instead of more variants of prereleased figures.
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By Josh Foote
At the local TRU, they didn't have any of the Boogieman/Blue Terror Dog minimates. However, they did have 4 of the GB2 Christmas 4 packs. So I picked one of them up instead. (have 3 now)
By alternate1
The Toys R Us in Times Square had more Boogey Man 2 packs than any of the others, and no Janine/Slimers... go figure.... The Boogey Man looks great! These definitely are the best minimates. I don't remember if Grundel is in the next wave, but I know Sandman is, and I think Killerwatt is too...

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