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By jzurawski
So there is this small size Stay Puft seen with the others here...
Then there is the one that is slightly bigger than the 15 inchers seen here and above...
so then is this Stay Puft that I have the same size as that or bigger?

Are there 3 sizes of Stay Puft available?? I kind feel like mine is a third size... but I just can't tell for sure!
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By jzurawski
Hmmmmmmmm... a little more investigation... These Ebay listings say that they are 18 inches tall... ... 53e983157d ... 2314df3f1a

And the same seller is selling a 15 incher too... ... 53e983103e

Interesting... very interesting...
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By Letmebleed75
I will br placing a call to the manufac to see what I can come up with
By GB Sales
I phones them twice and talked to 2 different reps. Both stated that they are only allowed to sell to amusement operators (including crain) as that is a strict clause in the licensing agreement. Sadly, unless someone can score a backdoor deal with them, it looks like were on our own.
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By Letmebleed75
U can check the for sale forum
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By jzurawski
ecto_skywalker wrote:Not that this is a big deal, but just a slight variation... Did anyone else notice that the tags are in two different places on the dolls? Some are attatched to the hand, others the ear.

Yeah, the ones I have are attached to the ear... at least the 4 guys are... I thought that was a little strange too...
Maybe the variation will make them worth millions someday! :sigh:

Anybody else been able to confirm the existence of 18-19inch versions of these things? Look at my post with the pictures above about the possibility of a larger Stay Puft... what do you think?
By ecto_skywalker
jzurawski wrote:Yeah, the ones I have are attached to the ear... at least the 4 guys are... I thought that was a little strange too...
Maybe the variation will make them worth millions someday! :sigh:

And I probably still wouldn't sell them! :lol:

jzurawski wrote:Anybody else been able to confirm the existence of 18-19inch versions of these things? Look at my post with the pictures above about the possibility of a larger Stay Puft... what do you think?

That Stay Puft I have is 19" from the tip of his toes to the very top of his hat. But the largest Venkman I have is only about 17.5". It seems like the different sizes categories are exagerated bit. Like the large ones are called 15", when in reality there about 14' to 14.5". Know what I mean? Maybe the 17.5" ones are part of the 19" category?
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By jzurawski
ha ha... and I still wouldn't sell either ecto_skywalker!!

and I totally agree... the size categories do seem to be a little screwy!
From what I can tell:

looks like there is a small, medium and large size for the 4 guys... 3 different sizes total
a small, medium, large and extra-large size for stay puft... 4 different sizes total
and a large and extra large for slimer... 2 different sizes total

does that sound right? or are there more sizes of slimer?
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By Smits
Vincenzo330 wrote:
Mereel wrote:Also made Ray a set of goggles to help distinguish him from Peter a bit more.

That is Badass!!!

QFT. That just made dumpling!Ray's cute quotient go through the roof for me. I love it!
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By Iggy
Well, one of the local Walmarts finally got stocked with these in the claw machine. However, that is about the only decent news of my story. Most were up against the front glass, impossible to get. One Venkmen was close to able to grab, however after $10, there was no luck. The claw wouldn't grab for nothing. A couple slimers were buried, which sucked, because those were what I wanted most. So, $10 out, all spent trying to get the only reachable Venkmen.

The fact that I spent $10 with no luck, isn't what I was most upset about. There was a local cub scout group selling stuff outside, and a few of them came in and asked me if they could play. I had no problem, a few kids want to play, that's cool. But, what they meant was, could I pay and they play the machine. I am serious, they wanted me to pay for them to play the machine. I looked at them, rather shocked to see that some random kids wanted me to give them money to play. I don't recall once in my childhood ever walking up to a random stranger and asking if I could play for them. Correct me if I am wrong, but aren't these scout groups out there to provide help for others and whatnot? After I tried to find the best way to say no, I played, and they still were gathered around watching me play. Kept telling me to grab the Angry Birds(which may as well added "for them"), after I was out of a couple singles, I went in the store to do my search for stuff, I came back with some more money to play. Low and behold, one returned to watch me, and practically hugging the machine. After he walked away, I tried a couple more tries, and just valued what other money I had on me, and left.

So, I left, more angry at the kids for asking me to play for me. Which is odd, considering I am normally more upset that I spent any money in a crane machine over $2, let alone $10, and walked away with nothing. Figures though, the only store I have found with these, and they aren't even attainable.
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By Dreamstalker
That is bizarre. When I was actually good at crane games I'd get asked by onlookers to get something for them, but they always paid me whatever it took to get the toy.

Did you let the scoutmaster know the kids were bothering people? You might not have been the only one they did it to.
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By David Thomas
I wish I could round up the guys that stock these machines and just spend an hour kicking them all in the balls. I'm an adult with money to spare, and feel absolutely terrible for any poor kid trying to win any of the GB plushies. Between 5 different Walmarts, 1 K-Mart, several grocery stores, and a couple of random diners I've spent roughly $60-80 dollars. I've picked up 1 small Venkman, 1 small Stay Puft, and a 15inch Egon. I'm convinced Slimer is almost impossible to get because of how heavy he is vs. how weak most of the claws are set. In one machine I picked up the same Slimer 3-4 times, every time reaching the top and gliding toward the prize drop only to have it fall each and every time due to his weight. They really have quite a scam going, almost all machines I've been to, the GB are all either slammed up against the glass or buried as deep as possible.
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By Derrico13
I've spent the last two weeks tracking these down as best I could within an hour's driving distance of my house, and I haven't gotten anything. I've seen mostly Slimers, all buried or against the glass, and a handful of the guys. I haven't seen Stay Puft yet. I'm not bad at claw machines at all (I live five minutes from a boardwalk that's littered with them, and I've had years of practice there) and it's very agitating to repeatedly waste money on perfect grabs that don't want to "pay out". My friend in Wisconsin did snag a Venkman for me on his third try at some grocery store in Wisconsin, however, so that's good. I guess.

I did try to get something set up with purchasing an allotment from the manufacturer, but they basically said at the end that I couldn't buy anything because I don't have claw machines/am not a licensed distributor. Weak!
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By elsoldao7
Thanks to HawaiianGB I was able to take these pictures with Venkman all the way from Afghanistan. I'm on my way home at the moment and wanted to share these pics with everyone.

Busting ghosts, at home and abroad.

With the crew.(It was "Hawaiian Flight Day") They really got a kick out of Venkman, the Pilot got a picture of him sitting on the Co-Pilot's seat & as soon as I get a hand on it I'll post it!
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By Iggy
Dreamstalker wrote:Did you let the scoutmaster know the kids were bothering people? You might not have been the only one they did it to.

I really wanted to, but I know, somehow, I would look like the a**hole. I was even thinking of grabbing an angrybird, and throwing it at them. But, I would of for sure looked like the a**hole at that point!

I went back there yesterday morning, when there wasn't really anyone there, and tried 2 more dollars. I had zero luck and felt it was time to back away and give up on that horrible claw machine.
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By Mereel
Thanks everyone, glad you like Ray's goggles!

Yeah, it can be very fustrating trying and failing with these claw machines! I wasted around $20 early on trying to get GBs out of machines that were really never ever going to be strong enough to snag any. I went out of town the following couple weekends and finally managed to find a few machines that not only had a couple plushes in there but also had good, grippy claws.

After being successful with those, I don't waste anymore than a dollar or two on a machine if the claw sucks. Just wish I could find any of the $1 Claw Machines that are actually stocking the bigger GBs:( I really want at least one of those!
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By Gareee
just took another poke at a slimer in the kmart machine where we got egon. Slimer is right next to the drop, but he is too far foreward up against the glass to snag. I tried one attempt, and then walked.

Theres no way anyone could get the slimer now though, because he is just so far foreward beyond the claw's ability to get to. I also noticed the local claw machines did not restock any ghostbuster items at all, but instead they all have new batman related plush.

(Speaking of which, I snagged Arkham City for $60, with a $30 game coupon, and an additional $10 coupon towards LOTR War in the North, which we probably won't buy.)

The $30 of is going towards Uncharted 3 in a few weeks.
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By Glen Zubia
Around my city, I noticed they have not restocked on Ghostbusters at all! They added all new Halloween Plushies that look horrible. I have only seen like 3 Stay Puft's but all are against the glass. I guess this is the end my friends. I wanted to catch some extras for gifts...
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By Smits
Latest report: None in the claw machines at the Regal Hollywood 27 Theater in Nashville. :( I am severely disappointed in the lack of GB plushies in my area. I finally resorted to eBay to snag Ray and Winston just so I can complete my set of the four guys. I may track down Slimer and Stay Puft later, but for now, I'll be happy to have the actual GB quartet.
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