For users in Canada. Eh?
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By Sksstudios
A fellow Albertan Ghosthead, welcome! Although I'm moving back to Ontario this spring.

WHAT! What part! Whaaaaaat! WHy? Gah! Ontario from Calgary?! Its so nice there! and so.... uh.. "nice" here too :shock:

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By ScooterinAB
A fellow Albertan Ghosthead, welcome! Although I'm moving back to Ontario this spring.

Nuts. I was gonna bum pointers off of you. Costume tips and such. I'm new to this large scale modeling/costume deal (and I'm really cheap; Scottish).
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By ScooterinAB
cool. Many Canada people. Question though Irricanian. Whe are you moving? Cause the Calagry Comic Expo is in April, and I think it would be really cool to meet a forum person there. I usually hang out on European gaming boards, so the rare opportunity to meet someone is pretty neat.

I'm just working on throwing together a costume right now in hopes of Calgary Expo.
By Mat
one more for yeh. Born in Alberta, moved to BC from Jasper(rocks...trees...water...and elk! lots and lots of elk! fun to chase with a supersoaker until they charge at you! :lol:) to learn to weld. Now working in BC until I've got my interprovincial and my own portable rig (and the experience to back it!) :)

Plans are in the works for an "rgb" pack for next halloween. Right now it only exists as an orthographic drawing showing the basic geometry of the major parts.
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By Mat
I've only been through calgary once, and I was pretty young at the time. From what I remember, it was a zoo. Getting from point "a" too point "b" was a pain. Luckily, I wasn't old enough to drive at the time. :lol:
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By PeteVenkman_Jedi
Yeah, I was born and raised in New Brunswick, moved to BC 13 years ago and decided to stay. Beautiful city Vancouver is. I love the mountains.
And yes, I am of Scottish decent myself.
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