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By Nicholszz
Pepakura is papercraft.
I havn't seen any shown on here.
Thought I would share.
I found the plans on
It is actually a very good. If anyones interested.

I built this with some construction paper I had lieing around, worked wonders.
But Card paper is suggested.

Ignore my junk pile of left over paper in the corner of the pictures... Eheh.

Handles. Easier then I thought to make. But still a bit tricky.




Side with knobs.

Even comes with a Clippard

The only thing I do not like is the er... Whats it called again?
Trigger set 2?
But as you can see here, it doesnt connect, and it was a real pain to glue on!
The one part is also square, making it even harder to put on a circle...
Yes I realize it is also backwards... But oh well.

So there you have it. I might add more pics to this topic as I go.
Need to resin it, sand, it, paint it. All that fun stuff.
And some things I am going to hopefully order soon off MMM.
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By ProtonCharger
how do you plan to fiberglass this when you're done, it doesnt look like it would be a simple task? why not use pvc for the clippards/handles after putting resin on the body of the gun?

i think if i tackled this, knowing i would be doing alot of intricate folding id try my best to do as little extra work as possible. i could see it being helpful for some parts of the pack though.

after my jetpack im going to try my hand at a half pepakura rocketeer helmet. and full pep a dr.fate helmet.
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By Nicholszz
Hehe, all the parts are not attached.
Its handle/ main body.
Grips are hot glued to the handles, its pretty much plastin resin holding it on.
It shouldn't be that hard a task to fibreglass resin it.
I don't plan to actually fibreglass the inside. Don't think its needed.
I made an Iron Man helmet. And its 100% durable. I dont plan on smashing it against anything...

Clippard, knobs, and all those smaller parts. I will resin, then screw them on as you normally would.
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By Nicholszz
I think the hardest task will be clean up/sanding.

But durability is not a problem.
Fibreglass resin is tough stuff.
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By jackdoud
Pepakura is an excellent tool for costume and prop making. That said I think this project is not one that should use it. You'd have much better and faster results building with styrene or MDF and tube stock.
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By Nicholszz
Eh, no money. I was desperate to get something done.
So this was very simple.
Mirror image?
Eh. According to the plans and pictures I used, this is correct.
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By Nicholszz
**goes to check**

Haha, oh well.
Ima pick up a gun kit off MM later.
This is just temporary.
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By Nicholszz
luke warmwater wrote:Turn it inside-out and you should be okay. :D

Lol, if it where that easy.
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By Nicholszz
I dont even want this now since its **backwards**
The pack designs are backwards too.
Left handed?
Eh who knows.

Ima just grab an MM kit when I get the money.
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By ProtonCharger
dude. finish the job and make a lefty pack. or flip the plans. not a huge deal. you got lucky and it was caught sooner than when you were figuring out the pack.
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By CPU64
Supporting Member
Filandrius wrote:I think that's his point. :P

Yeeeah, I was about to explain my point but I figured I would be just wasting time since its so obvious.
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By ProtonCharger
if its anything other than "im welding my pack" is a point he's trying to make, he failed. because welding isnt any easy option, much less accessible to 80 percent of the people here.

try again.
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By Nicholszz
Haha, one step ahead of you.
Its drying outside right now.
Next is sanding, and painting.
Might sell it later.
I aint making the pack though.
Figured while I had this, I would make some thinks in Pep for pack though.
Have Ion Arm, ladder, and some other stuff.
All I need for my pack now is lights, and wires.

YAY, first packs almost done.
Next one will be better. Yes yes.
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By ProtonCharger
CPU64 wrote:Pep:


right, because bending and welding metal is so much easier, because everyone has a welding torch, tanks, and various other crap that goes with it.
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By Nicholszz
Heh, its just a temp gun, like I keep saying.
But its resined.
need to pick up some paint and sand paper to go further.
its actually more durable then I thought.
Its paper. I am not too worried about something happening to it.

P.S. I know its messy, and needs cleanup. But ^^^ Look up.
As long as you can tell what it is. Ima fine. hehe.

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By Nicholszz
heheh, AND THEN. my cardboard trap can be seen.
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By Nicholszz
hehe, Ima do the whole Iron man suit...
But I wanted to get my GB stuff done.
My pack shell has been sitting there for a year or so XD.
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By Nicholszz
Pepakura isnt a good approach for long tubes things...
**I.E. Handles.
Its too flimsy.
Eh.. Might try and cut the handles out, and pick up some PVC.
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