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By Gareee
Don't you mean hit enter more often, like this:

AJ, I agree with the comment the back to the future car is not connected with columbia pictures.
(It is licenced under universal entertainment.)

Maybe people do not understand the site rules and that toy merchandise posts should be in the toys area not the props area.

How's this for a feature: Ask AJ, where fans ask you Ghostbusters related questions and present ideas for them to bring to the table on this site.

And a Ghostbusters fans annual newsletter keeping fans up to date on the latest news and events for this site.

There was actually some decent thought in that post. You just had to unmangle the english in order to understand it.
By RayVenkman
sorry but his has nothing to do with toys but does hav alot to do about a new feature

but i think a cool new feature to the site would be to allow franchises a small page on the site to show what they're about. now we could devote one page just to all the franchises out there. click on one and it opens to a page where members of said franchise can go in and edit it with simple html. or some kind of drag and paste tech.

one this would allow people to find local franchises fast. allow them to see many pics of the franchise. maybe some backround. up coming events/news. who know's what people would put in there. but i think that would be very cool. and would really give franchises a chance to shine on thier own right off of the best damn GB-fan site on the net.

now if that's impossible, well that sucks.
By cprich22
Basically what Zander said but I think more simplified to just a

Ghostbusters / Ghostbusters 2
figures / models / statues

Real Ghostbusters / Extreme Ghostbusters
vehicles / accessories (I.e. firehouse etc)
Misc. (I.E. lunch boxes, cereal Boxes)

I don't think it should be spred too thin cause then you'll be popping in and out of different sections a lot.

yeh i think this is good but mabey put

Ghostbusters / Ghostbusters 2
figures / models / statues


Real Ghostbusters / Extreme Ghostbusters
vehicles / accessories (I.e. firehouse etc)
Misc. (I.E. lunch boxes, cereal Boxes)

just incase people didnt know the diifance of them :whatever:
By Bort826GBWorld
I think there could be a random section where we could post our non-Ghostbusters items.
People seem to also want to post their non-Ghostbusters stuff, so why not fill that need? I mean, I'd like to post some of my Transformers stuff here also, so I think this could work over well.
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By AJ Quick
But this isn't a Transformers site.

You are more than welcome to upgrade to a Supporting Membership which provides Personal Photo Albums:
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By Fifthrider

AJ, you've always done a really good job and I'm sorry to see it come to this. Any time a thread is started it seems to get 2-3 relevant responses and then devolves into I-don't-know-what until the whole point is lost. Reading over everything here I don't know if your concern ever got answered or not.

1) You have organizational skills. I respect that.
2) You recognize when there's a problem and respond to that. I respect that too.
3) You have excellent spelling and grammar. I expect this of everyone. Our schools have failed some stoodants clearly.

I'm guessing you're just overwhelmed with how much there is to do. Whatever comes of this thread I just wanted to say that I appreciate that you saw the need to clean all this up and move forward.
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By devilmanozzy
A few things that I have noticed since posting artwork a few days ago, There are a lot of odd ball images in the Ghostbusters folder which appears to be your "Other" category. Some things that fit more under "characters" and "franchises" were in there, which means people don't understand or care to look before posting. You can decide which is the reason.

Also, both Trist and I have posted art related to the "Ghostbusters: The Video Game" under "Ghostbusters". I'm thinking you may want to make a category for "Ghostbusters Video Games" which would cover things from all the games out.
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By belldandy4087
as for my two cents in this subject.

Memorabilia : show of your boughten product.

Personalization: show off you customized products

Customizations: Show off your original creations

Modifications: (place to show off your items that you modified to be Ghostbusters.)
By Skunkwork
Well the guys before me got it really... something along the linnes of this should be easy to understand..

Figures -Vehicles-statue
Art (drafts, artwork)
Models -Cars
Misc.. (all random collections)

Real Ghostbusters
vehicles - accessories
Misc...(all random collections)
By ready2believeu
Thanks for the feedback so far guys.

I don't think I want to make it that complex. So there probably won't be a break down for Real Ghostbusters, or Extreme Ghostbusters and then have those broken down. (I initially wanted to just break them down like that). Additionally there is no need for adding an Art category.. since there already is a Fan Art section of the site.

What I do like so far is:

-Action Figures
-Models (Vehicles, Firehouses, Stay Puft... etc)
-Clothing (Good idea?)
-Dioramas (Everyone knows what those are?)
-Displays (For pics of your entire collection setup)
-Miscellaneous (but then people start posting crap in there that aren't collectibles!)
Hi AJ, I like the layout you've got there, not to sure about the clothes section though it looks a little out of place. I think if you use clothes as a sub category you should possibly specify between fan wear and costume replicas. How about changing miscellaneous to Misc movie memorabilia. I think you would be more likely to get applicable content.
Other than that though I haven't seen any better suggestions. I like it!

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