By GhostGuy
I was looking at the slime blower plans recently, and decided to double check some of the measurements because the different plans give different measurements for all the parts, and I was surprised to find that even the newest plans measurements appear to be way off.

Here is the image I used for reference:

(Right click -> view image for high res)

In this image, the best reference for size would seem to be the cyclotrons on the packs, which we know to be 9". And here they are roughly 100 pixels wide. This makes it easy to calculate any length in the image. Simply multiply 9" by say .40 if a particular object is 40 pixels wide, and you'll have your answer.

Using this method, I've come to the conclusion that the large tank is not 10" in diameter as the community plans state, but rather 9", as in Slimer's plans.

In addition, while Slimer's plans indicate the two side tanks are 3" in diameter, and the community plans indicate they're more like 5.75" and 4.25", the sizes I'm getting are closer to 4.5" and 3.5" wide.

The brown sphere btw, if my measurements are correct, is around 6.25", which again is different from the community plans.

So what are your thoughts? Has anyone come up with a more accurate set of plans yet? Or do you have some proof that the large tank really is 10" like the community plans state? I don't see how it could be.
By jessejames51
ghost guy, why don't you mock up some plans with your new measurements? your method of determining the sizes of things seems pretty logical to me too. i'd like to see what you come up with for the mesurement of the rest of the parts, espcially since i plan on building one over the winter :)
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By Kingpin
FunkPunkTwang wrote:Amazing at is is its very vauge with measurements

jessejames51 wrote:unforunatley!! i wish he would have shared his plans!!!

It's unfortunate, but there's enough talent on this forum that can get some new plans produced, there's enough material on the rare greeblies and proportions of the main components to get a decent set of plans drawn up.
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By Kingpin
The plans differ because they've all been calculated independently of each other... that's the problem with not being able to see any of the Slimeblower props in person.
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By DarkSpectre
I know that my slimeblower is way too small. I mean I don't have any problems with it being smaller in scale but we really do need new definitive plans. Especially now that there is so much more info about them available.
By JAnderson392
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I am working on some stuff in Solidworks it probably won't be perfect but I am going to try and get locations eyed up as best I can.
By JAnderson392
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10 would probably work better. The dimension most people seem to use is 9.5". Not sure if it is possible to cut a seam in the tube and fold it in more to 9.5".
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